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Needs to teach the alphebet first

Needs the alphebet first as to get used to the language

November 1, 2019



Agreed. Reading the notes (lightbulb button) does touch on the alphabet and sounds. However, study some good Youtube videos and you'll really be set.


I watched "Hebrew alphabet Sesame Street" on YouTube, but even that was a bit fast! However I've put a whiteboard on my fridge and written it on. Then sang the kids' song while reading it. Truly, I learned it like "That!"


I'd recommend an app called Write it! Hebrew if you have an iPhone. Also worth learning the cursive writing system once you've nailed the printed script.


There are some flashcards on tinycards that teaches the alphebet


TeribleTeri has just shared a whole bunch of useful links on a closely related subject, here https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/34833804


I think not. Because some letter has a lot of sounds. For me the only one is to see how it sounds. בוקר טוב bokir tow!- is one letter but at the beginning is b and at the and- w. And first lessons are like that- few letters-and words with them. This is not about aba ba :) more about letter b ...

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