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Issue with Hindi Level 3, Letters

When on level 3, letters, 1/3, when asked to match several letters with their corresponding sounds, when I get to the last two (out of 4 or 5 pairings) "gu" and its corresponding symbol, it says that the two symbols are not compatible, even though there are only two pairings left. There are no other choices and I can't move on. It's impossible to get beyond this stage. Please fix! Thank you! Felipe

November 1, 2019



A lot of users seem to have this problem and I guess the team is still working on developing a solution. You can report the problem on here to help them understand the issue better.

Hopefully, it will be fixed soon. Until then, a possible workaround might be to clear the problematic lessons by using Duolingo on your browser.


Thank you, Vinay. I have reported the bug via the link you provided.

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