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Learning Arabic

Great app for learning. Can any one recommend any other apps for learning arabic?

November 1, 2019

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I have been using a lot of other resources for Arabic. I completed the tree here with all topics at 5 crowns. Many native Arabic speakers were critical of the audio and other things about DuoLingo so I ventured out and in a short time I found that there are much better ways to learn Arabic than DuoLingo.

Here are some of my current favorites

Online: Arabic Blooms Ling Rocket (Love it, lifetime member) LingQ Rosetta Stone (I love Rosetta Stone and have 3 lifetime subs)

Phone: Rosetta Stone (fantastic for offline learning too, audio companion, stories, great voice recognition, native speakers... excellent) WriteIt Rocket Learn in your car series Araby Mondly Drops

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