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Irish-language music/TV?

Does anyone know any good irish-speaking music artists or irish-language tv shows if such even exist? Music helps a lot when I am learning a language, and watching TV shows helps too.

I know a few music artists like, for example, Celtic Thunder (my mom listens to them) have some songs in Irish, but want other songs/music artists to listen to as well.

November 1, 2019



The Irish TV station TG4 has been mentioned. TG Lurgan has a YouTube channel with playlists in Irish:



This is mostly pop/like rock music, a lot of covers of popular songs.


Imlé and Seo Linn are a couple of newer bands that do Irish language music, if you get tired of the same sort of classical Irish folk. Imlé I think only does Irish songs, Seo Linn has a couple of English songs as well.

If you like rap and hiphop and don't mind a lot of cursing and references to, let's say unsavory, behavior, Kneecap uses both Irish and English in all of their songs.

All three are on Spotify, TG Lurgan as someone mentioned above is also on Spotify.


Hmm I'll check out the groups; the thing with rap/hiphop is I like Asian rap/hiphop but not English rap/hiphop since the lyrics are typically.... disturbing. How bad are the lyrics?


Just like in English it depends. "GMC - Conas Atá Tú " seems to be pretty lighthearted, basiclly about parting and girls.



Kneecap certainly is NSFW, their songs are mostly about sex and drugs, and they're pretty explicit in both languages. They're not as violent as most American artists, so it all depends on what your personal demons are I guess.


Drugs and sex? No thanks.


Na Fíréin are an 80s rock group with some great songs. John Beag O'Flatharta and Beairtle Ó Domhnaill do Connemara country, which is its own distinctive genre that lies somewhere between American country/western and Irish folk (from an American POV, anyway).


I just want to hop in to comment about Raidió na Gaeltachta - it can sometimes be a bit too fast to follow for a learner and I'd like to recommend Raidió Rí-Rá and Raidió na Life, I find especially RnL has a lot of careful and clear pronunciation! Just my two cents.


I have list on Spotify, with about 1300 songs, they repeat a lot (same songs by different performers, but there are some original ones there too... https://open.spotify.com/user/11133648897/playlist/6m5sV3kMNUwhswJncER0q4

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