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Stories available on iOS — and what's next

Stories, Stories everywhere!

Great news, everyone: the beloved Duolingo Stories you have been enjoying on the Duolingo website are now available on our app on iPhone and, as we finish releasing this feature on iOS, we are setting our sights on rolling it out on Android. We are close to being able to do that in the coming weeks, and hope you are as excited as we are!

Duolingo Stories now on iOS


Where is the language I am learning, it would be great to see it on Stories!
Ah, remember when Stories was only available in Portuguese? Now you can enjoy them in Spanish, French, German — and also in English from Portuguese, Chinese, and Spanish! We’ve been working on bringing everyone all the Stories so more and more people can benefit from them. We <3 them too.

Have you given Stories a try yet? Any favorites so far? Let me know in the comments!

November 1, 2019



I wish the stories gave you the ability to go back and listen to the entire story at once instead of just one sentence at a time. This would be a nice feature to have.


We're currently experimenting with new experiences during replay. Stay tuned!


I also liked the feature I had briefly where you could do audio only. Would be awesome to bring that back


That's great to hear -- thanks for letting us know!

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I also would appreciate to choose the speed the same way like in other parts of DL - manually. Not twice full speed and then slowly.


There actually is a way (kind of):

If you want to hear it at regular speed for a 3rd time, click the sentence above, then click on the current sentence. You'll hear it in real speed.

But, yes, it would be more convenient to have a fast and a slow button.


I agree very much- sometimes you just want to read a story


Same, I would love it if the audio of the stories could be made available (on iTunes, etc). so we can listen to the stories and train our ears.


Will you notify us when Italian becomes available on Stories?


Of course... we will let everyone know!


Wow @vivisaurus, are you an admin. You don't look that old.


Hey Cindymayberger! :) I LOVE listening to the stories in French! :) I go back to do them over and over to get myself speaking more quickly along with them or after them! :) Unfortunately, my fave so far "Follow The Arrows" is stuck and I reported it but they haven't restored it yet. That story is the one I found the most "fun and mysterious" for the beginner level. I hope they get it working again. :) I'm SOO GLAD that more people will be able to listen to these in a different language! :) This is WONDERFUL! I applaud Duolingo for moving forward in this direction! GREAT job! :) I do my lessons via the Web so,I don't use the app. I'm just impressed with all the updates that Duo is doing for more of it's learners! The cunning owl never ceases to amaze! :) Good luck going forward! Here's to all the languages that are available and that are coming on and to the owl being more and more content as more users Enjoy language learning! :) Bonne Chance Cindymayberger! :)


It's great that you're redoing Stories for speaking practice! And we're glad you're such a fan of this feature overall. That said, I'm sorry to hear that "Follow the Arrows" is stuck!? We'll look into it right away...


Thanks Cindymayberger! :) I appreciate that very much! :) Keep up the GREAT work with everything! :)


I too think the stories are a really great feature. It's also wonderful to see admin personally dialoging with us, the userbase. Thank you Cindy and keep up the great work! We'll be looking out for the "new experiences" you mentioned.

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Hi, "Follow the arrows" works for me just now on Google Chrome browser. I also really appreciate the Stories. I hope it wiil be also in English for Chech learners, for my wife, soon.


Same! Duolingo stories are my favourite way to learn french!


I am re-learning some French with DuoLingo. And I love the stories! My only complaint is that I wish you could add some more stories in the easier levels. I have gotten into the more difficult ones and while I know I need a little more difficult content in order to learn, I sure would love to see some more stories added to some of the more elementary levels! The stories are really helping me a lot, I feel. I'm so glad you offer them now. Thanks.


We hear you and are working on writing more Stories for earlier in the course.


Cindy, I love the stories and make them a part of my daily lesson. I am spending more time on them for learning more words and sentence structure. I also repeat verbally with the speaker for pronunciation. In French going from set 4 to 5, I see a huge difficulty gap. I am going from 4, now zooming thru them near perfectly, to 5 where I stumble on each word. Do you find this to be true and is there a differentiation in level mastery like: up to set 5 is Basic French , Set 5 -7 is Intermediate? Thank you and I am eagerly awaiting more stories in French!


You're right that there's a big gap in difficulty between sets. We're working to provide a more gradual experience for learners so that gap doesn't feel so abrupt.


cool your apart of duolingo


Wonderful! I love the stories... they are a great break from the usual lessons. I'm so glad I can access on my phone now, too.

Thank you, DuoLingo! =D


Im not able to see stories on app still, I just updated my app but no.


Do you still have lingots? Some lingot users cannot yet see Stories on iPhone, but should probably be able to next week.


wait, what? (⊙_⊙ )

will we just lose our lingots and their perks after the nearest updates?!


Lingots will be changed to gems.


I’m not able to see it either and I just received the update. I still have lingots... are lingots obsolete?


I just got the stories on the app!


What about on an iPad. I have gems but no lingots. And hearts.


That's awesome! The stories section is my fave an I learn quicker from it, so I'm really excited! Duolingo is the BEST!❤


We're glad you enjoy them!


Bring Italian stories please!


I have just discovered stories today. It is a great tool for learning.


We're glad you like it!


cant wait to have it on android!!!


What wonderful news. The stories are so very helpful. It was mentioned in a response below that the stories aren't showing up for people with IOS who still have Lingots. Are you planning to get rid of Lingots? Will we still be able to buy a streak freeze? Thanks in advance.


They are just getting gradually converted to gems on Android.


I think I'm running out of stories. They are getting beyond the level at which I am working.


Wow! That's great that you've already read so many! We're hard at work to add more.


Please please please add more stories. I did all of them a couple of times, then you added a few (more simplistic stories) to the beginning, and I've done them numerous times, too. More stories, please!!!


Re-read them. Great practice same points.


Stories was originally only available in Portuguese? Not Spanish?


I'm waiting for the Android version! Thank you in advance!


We're working on it! Can't wait for you to have a chance to try them out...


Unfortunately some of us with iOs still don't have it... I wonder if ill get it on android device before my iPad lol. Or is it just iPhones? I don't get technology.


Will you adding more elementary stories to the languages that already have them? Just wish there was more practice at the lower levels. :-)


You betcha. We're working on writing more Stories at the earlier levels so there's even more opportunity for reading and listening practice.


I’d love harder stories too!


I agree with you Nickalita. There needs to be stories for near-beginners. I have just tried some in German and they were so helpful.


Especially for German. It seems like its fairly easy but by set 6 I'm completely lost. It isn't the same way w French or Spanish and I have about the same amount of experience.


For me in Set 5. There is a huge degree of difference in French going from 4 to 5.


Is there any intention of adding even more stories for Spanish from English?


Yes! We hope to add more Stories to all of the courses mentioned above.


That's great, but can they make the app work in landscape?


I normally don’t like using Duo on my phone and I’m on computers all day so it doesn’t matter. But I’m in the Philippines for a week and opened Duo on my phone and saw stories. Nice addition. Thanks.


We're glad you like it!


I guess that you use iPhone, cause I can not find Duo stories on my Android. When will they be available on Android phones?


I have given stories a try. It's a lot more interesting! It's like learning, reading, and having fun with a French story all at once! I can't wait for more new things to come!
J'aime ces nouvelles histoires!


Yay! We're thrilled that you find them so useful and enjoyable!


But useless when not available on iPad. My iPhone is very old and can't be updated.

Also, why has the xp diminished on desktop. I tried to practice previous stories this morning and earned 0xp. WHY??? What's happening?


Rumour has it that xp for repeating a story has been cancelled because of leagues.


No, you can still recieve XP


I am pleased to hear that the stories will be available in more languages but fear this is not as good as it sounds. If they are the same stories in all languages and you are forced to complete every story to advance this will quickly become tedious. Once I have read a story I don't want to read it again, in any language. Could we please have the option to listen to whichever story we choose and not be forced to go through them all. This way we can choose different stories to read in different languages. The great thing about duolingo is the freshness of the courses. They teach different material for different languages whereas other sites just translate their courses and it is boring to repeat it all to learn a different language. Please facilitate this freshness with the stories too. Ideally have different stories for different languages but failing that allow us the choice not to have to repeat a story unless we want to.


Excellent enhancement


We're glad you're pleased!


Are there any chances that android will be getting "stories" too?


This is doing wonders for my Spanish! I'd also love it if you guys would consider doing this for Russian. Keep up the good work :)


i would like to have extra features after finishing a story, like questions about what happened and even longer stories.


Great idea! We're playing around with ways to enhance the end-of-story experience. As and as you move through the sets they should definitely get longer.


I would like a discuss button where we could discuss and ask questions about the sentences in the story. (sorry if this posted twice, I thought I posted it but then could not find it so am trying again.


will be waiting for the android version


Would love to have stories in Russian! :(


What's up with the hit and miss xp on stories? There doesn't seem to br any rhyme nor reason behind the xp earned from repeating stories. Some of my favorites give none now while others give full value as if I had never done them. I find repeating stories the most concise way to check my retention of vocabulary from past stories and am sad I no longer get any credit for the practice


That is so cool love duolingo stories


Why so many downvotes?


It would be really nice to get stories for Android users. And we need stories for Polish too, please.


We'll roll out to Android soon!


Thanks for the reply! And how about Polish??


When? It's been three months since you posted this.


I do the Spanish stories (on the desktop) and one reason I like them is that the pronunciation is clear and that the speakers are more lively, but don't speak too fast. I wish we had the same quality for the regular lessons.


I have IOS and I am updated and still no stories in apps :/


I wish they make stories in Japanese


As once our tutor said: All our job is text and nothing else! Reading is the most important part of language learning which ‘Stories’ is doing a good job through this objective.


I am really impressed by the Stories feature. My focus has been on learning German for a new job I've recently taken on and this feature is such a great asset to advance language learning. Very nice, ya'll.


Stories are the best!! thank you so much for making learning so much fun!! I get a lot of satisfaction from Stories i push myself to learn more lessons because i find myself wanting to read more stories love this new goal ty ty ty tyTY!!! :)


You're welcome! We're so glad you find this new feature useful.


I really liked the stories being linked to 'tiny- cards', so I could fix the words in my memory, but they seem to have disappeared? Tinycards anyway were an excellent addition as a way to learn, it makes a session more interesting to vary methods. PLEASE can you bring them back?


Stories are great :)


The Duolingo Stories will benefit everyone, all learners in all languages. My French learners have improved so much on their listening and comprehension skills!

Hopefully they shall be released for all learners soon!


Yes, I love the Spanish stories! Can't wait until they are available on Android!!


This is great news!

I found the stories very helpful while studying French. You’ve done a lot of great work there.

I have now added Korean to my list of languages and sadly there are no stories available. I think all language learners benefit from stories, so looking forward to more stories being provided in more languages.

I also found a huge difficulty gap when moving from levels four and five. One moment I was understanding most of the story and the next moment I could barely keep up. A more graduated pace in terms of difficulty would be helpful.

I would also love to listen to the stories in replay mode without interruption. I would like to do this to test my listening skills.

Thanks so much for all the improvements. I can really tell the difference from when I started using Duolingo two years ago.


I love the stories in Spanish, French and German; and, I am hoping they will come out soon in Arabic.


I love stories and would really like to be able to access this on my iPad is that future coming soon?

[deactivated user]

    I finished all the Spanish stories on my PC. I'm still waiting for more stories to get released


    Wow, that's amazing! Don't worry... we're constantly working on writing new Stories and will publish some more soon!


    Why does Spanish have more sets of stories than French? I thought they were simply the same stories in different languages so why doesn't French have the extra stories?


    That's a good question, and the answer has to do with how we first experimented with content as we developed this feature. Eventually, we hope to add more Stories to all of the courses listed above.


    Hi Ripcurlgirl, remember getting asked to rate a story from time to time after reading one? Speaking for myself, I have received an occasional story survey that requested a numerical rating and gave an opportunity for a short comment.

    It seems reasonable to me to assume that some of the stories that were in Spanish must not have been that well-liked, so they would not have been re-translated from Spanish / English into French / English.

    This way, the readers of the French stories (and perhaps German ones, too) will not have to go through a less popular tale just to be able to complete a set and move to the next set. It's doing the readers here a favor to eliminate some of what they would otherwise have to plow through just to get to the end of the whole collection.

    But if you are interested in seeing which ones are currently available in Spanish, but not in your French sets, you can always try reading them in Spanish, and use another window on your computer for any additional translation help, in addition to the help already available to anyone within each story as you read it.

    Then you can judge for yourself why you might guess any particular story in Spanish might not have been popular enough to go into the French collection, but if you still like each one a lot after reading them all for yourself, try to see other people's likely points of view on why they may have given a lower rating for some of them on their surveys.

    Lastly, if you return to see this reply to your comment, you'll also notice that you have a direct answer from Duolingo Administrator Cindymayberger explaining that experimentation results can affect content, and that eventually, they hope more stories may perhaps be added to the language courses she mentioned in her original post.

    I hope you enjoy the stories in your current collections and any other content Duolingo may offer in your languages (podcasts, etc.) for additional listening practice. Meanwhile, congratulations on three Level 25's already showing on your flags profile here!


    Yeah me too I also finished my german stories. Including the new ones. I love the stories and I especially love the new update with the faces showing who is speaking❤❤❤




    Oh wow! I didn't realise Duolingo now has Stories available in English from Chinese?! The closest thing so far to having Japanese Stories! :P

    Though I don't speak Chinese really at all and English is already my native language, this as a convoluted way of hopefully indirectly learning something helpful for Japanese is at least interesting enough to be able to finally check out what the Stories feature actually is after all this time. :D


    This is so great!!


    Hooray, parabens!!!! Can't wait til Stories are available for Android. They make learning even more fun. I mainly study on the train or at night before bed, so not needing a laptop for stories will be amazing!! ^_^


    Stories should be available on Android soon!


    Will the update happen automatically? Mine hasn't yet and I just deleted and re-downloaded to see if the would help. No luck. Can't wait to have Stories with me on the go!


    Thanks! The stories are a great help in learning German. Many thanks for all your efforts


    We're glad you find them helpful!


    It's nice to see an admin interacting with the users! Thank you Cindy! And yes, the stories are great!


    Yes! I love the stories. I'm doing them in German, French and Spanish. I've tried a couple in Portuguese but only just to have a peek. I'm getting very close to the end of the French ones (I'm fairly fluent in French) and hoping that there might be something to take their place when I've finished them.

    I'd love to see them in Welsh which is my "focus" language. But I guess from Duolingo's POV it's probably fairly low down the list. Us Welsh learners get a little fun from learning about Owen's parsnip addiction but it can't really replace stories.


    I hope we can get some stories in Welsh at some point? I understand it's more efficient for Duolingo to create stories for the most popular languages...but it's much harder for us to find learning material for languages like Welsh than for Spanish or French. :)


    I like the small differences between them in the different languages like the different places the characters in the Honeymoon story go to: Bordeaux (French), Vienna (German), Rio de Janiero (Portuguese), Madrid (Spanish), and California (English via Spanish).


    I just logged onto Duo for the first time in months and I am LOVING stories! I've powered through four already in Español, looking forward to italiano in the future!


    I enjoy stories in German. I look forward to learn Italian with Stories


    can we get more stories from the literature of the languages we are working with


    Je t'aime le stories! I love how they don't just follow a linear plot line and are actually interesting to interact with! Its a nice break from just practicing vocabulary and helps you see the language in action!


    happy for those with stories


    I've really enjoyed the stories in Spanish, would love to have them in Italian too.


    Really wish we could get some stories in Mandarin


    Yeahhh, stories still aren’t available on iPads. I have to go to the website if I want to do stories. Will that be changed soon?


    Can we get English to Japanese please?


    Duolingo stories are the best part of my daily German lesson! The storyline is both interesting and informative, serves as a great sidetrack to the course, good stuff! :)


    Who gave this person 99 lingots?


    Danke für die Geschichten - Duolingo! I'm learning german and I really love the stories. These conversations help me to learn new words, and also understand them contextually.

    Keep them coming!


    Ciao, might we have Italian soon? Grazie.


    I love Duo! He is so cute.


    Hi, I just recently received the stories icon on the Duolingo app on both my iPhone and iPad and have been enjoying this feature in French for the past few weeks. However, this morning I noticed that the stories icon has suddenly disappeared from my iPad (I just used it yesterday). This feature is still available on the app on my phone, but I much prefer doing this on the bigger screen. I tried updating my iPad and still no luck in getting stories back. I really enjoy this feature and it would be a pain to keep having to go through the browser to access these stories. Does anyone have any solutions? Thanks.


    I have the exact issue! Thanks for posting. Hopefully the stories functionality wii be available on the iPad!!


    Stories has not yet come to iPad, although it is in our plans. Is it possible you were using it on the browser?


    Um, not true. I totally had it on my iPad, but now it is gone. I don’t have an iPhone. It was definitely on my iPad. And the character icons seem to have reverted to a previous version as well.


    No, I definitely used the app... this is my first time using the browser. Like @jessecac13 I had it on my iPad app and now it’s gone.


    Perhaps it is just because I received an email letting me gain “early access” to stories that let me obtain these on my iPad. When will these stories become available for iPad?


    Same as everyone else. I had it on my iPad app and then there was an app update and it went away.


    On your iPad go to stories.duolingo.com. The stories will come up and after you have practiced your stories you can go to "Learn" (at the top left) and it will and it will take you over to the Duo page


    That is through a browser on the iPad, not the app.


    May I ask what inspired such a change? I myself have been responding to pop up: "what could we do better" with a hearty "Add this feature to the app!" And will continue to do so in a lighthearted spirit until the difference is nullified and their is equality between the platforms. Thank you


    Wow! Will they come out on iPad? I get that you have a lot of stories, and you said that, but the problem is they are updated frequently, but no other popular languages are added.

    I’m sure many people would rather more stories in more languages than stories being on the app. But still, it’s good they’re on the app, and more people can do them. Will there be a different tab for them (down the bottom)?


    We do plan to bring Stories to iPad! To answer your final question, on the app Stories appears as a tab at the bottom of the screen with an open book icon.


    Ok, thanks, should they come soon? For iPad.


    Great news! New Software! Now I need to buy a new phone!!!!!!


    Do the stories no longer link to vocabulary decks in Tinycards? I use French stories in my browser and this feature seems to have disappeared.


    If i'm still here when more languages pour in like Swedish, I'm looking forward to that. Even though this is news for mobile. I started with mobile but find it much more pleasant to pass courses on PC.


    The following message has appeared on the Duo App on my rather dated IPhone: "Your Duolingo is out of date. Update to unlock the latest new features". When I press the Update button it doesn't update. So I am left in the situation where I cannot use the App to practice on the iPhone because of the message. Am still able to use Duolingo on my home PC. Can anybody suggest a solution to the iPhone problem?


    I don't use the iPhone version, but I prefer the mobile web version since it has stories (and it has had stories already). Just use Duolingo in your phone's browser


    when will we get italian stories?


    I wanted to read a story in Danish, after learning on Duolingo for one week. So yesterday I tried to write one myself... I am a beginner, have finished the basics and just working through section 1 lessons. So I used only the words from Duolingo so far plus a few more for others to guess. It's full of mistakes but I hope it will be corrected by some kind person soon. If you are interested, please find it on the other thread about stories in the Danish group--sorry I don't know how to link it here :( Enjoy!


    Hi Cindy I updated my Duolingo app but I can’t find Stories for French learner Where is it?


    Stories is not appearing for me in iOS (spanish), only on web browser. Has is rolled out to all iOS users?


    Can someone explain what Stories is? I'm a Dutch learner and have never heard of this feature.


    how do I get Stories on my iphone? Where are they in the app? is it a different app? does it cost? I have the regular app but don't see anything about stories


    There’s an icon on the bottom that looks like an open book


    Cool! I love duolingo stories and I really like The Life of Simon Bolivar


    Waiting for stories in Chinese.


    I enjoy stories in German, but it would be nice to see them in Japanese at some point.


    I would like stories in Italian and English


    I can access the stories on the app on my iPhones but not iPads. Can’t seem to find how to do this, except via Safari.

    Can someone help please? Running iPad OS 13.2 on iPad Pro 3rd gen.


    I am still waiting to be able to access stories on the iPad app.


    I can't access on iPhone


    These stories are terrific! A great help to learning! Thanks! [Merci!]


    Still a noob on german but I have seen the stories! I hope once I get better with german I will try and listen to the stories. Amazing job though for making all of this possible! <3 all your work duolingo!


    Thumbs up to the efforts and effects. Although does this have something to do with less xp or no xp at all, while revising stories? Cuz it's happening. And discouraging to look back at the stories practiced before.


    The efforts I feel were definitely worth it. I haven't read any stories yet cause I am still trying to improve my german. Have you read any of them?


    I'd really love to know when Czech stories will be available... My boyfriend speaks Czech and I'm learning it in secret to surprise him on his birthday! Stories sound like a great way to help and improve...


    I love stories and hope that Czech stories will come soon to Duolingo :)


    The spanish stories were fun on iOS, but they disappeared with the latest update which offered them in german, Port. Fr. etc


    Some of the links in the stories aren't working properly. You can get part way through a lesson and then it won't allow you to continue


    My husband and I have both updated our phones and he has a new stories tab, but I don't. Any ideas as to why? :/


    Stories are so helpful! Maybe Korean stories will come out someday-fingers crossed!


    It’s on iPhone but not iPad???!


    Yeah - sucks, huh?


    Spanish is a bit difficult


    Love them. Please get them out to Android asap.


    Stories have helped me a lot in french!


    Any native English speakers who are learning Chinese try the English stories for Chinese speakers?


    Stories are so fun to do. They also give you a lot of experience. I have found that they have really helped me learn Spanish. At the start of the year I didn't know any Spanish and I was not sure what was gonna happen at school. But Duolingo has really helped me get better at Spanish.


    Get hyped for some Android stories!! :))


    Where can you find stories?


    On your iPhone - there’s an icon at the bottom that looks like an open book. If you’re looking for them on iPads, they aren’t available yet.


    Is what I'm hearing mean that Italian learners do not have stories? Are we gonna get them? I didn't even know they were a thing until right this moment! what are they? I guess I was being patient and I didn't even know


    I love the stories. They have helpful phrases so I can learn to have an actual conversation.


    i don't see them... do these stories apply to ipads?


    Not yet - only iPhones


    I <3 the stories. I'm on my second time through the list. I learn so much more and so much faster by reading the stories. I can't wait for more stories, more interesting stories, more varied stories, better voice acting, and stories available in more different languages. Keep up the good work!


    I have enjoyed the stories, which have helped me build on my Spanish.. Great to know we can get her them on our phones.. . Thank you


    I love stories! We need that also for Czech! Plllllllease :)


    Should I be concerned that I still don't have Stories on my iPad yet? Is there anything I should do to fix?


    I asked the same question regarding Spanish stories. At this time it is only available on iPhone, not iPad. Apparently they are working on it.


    Thanks jmpnv-I wish they would’ve just announced that in the first place-could’ve saved some frustration.


    Waiting for android.


    Hi, To any Duolingo staff out there, I am learning Japanese but there do not seem to be any stories on the Japanese course...Not expecting much, or in a hurry, but wondering if at some point, we Japanese learners could have a story of two?


    I hope they release soon in android.


    Great surprise to see the stories arriving on Android for Spanish ! But it seems it is stuck at set 6 of the stories ... the tell tale heart part 5 of 6 doesnt load and it means im stuck and cant continue to learn. I have continued on the computer to learn as it is working on the laptop but it is not updating on my phone. I hope you can fix the problem soon so i can continue learning on my phone ! Waiting for the stories in Dutch then !


    I wish in stories you could translate an entire sentence when you hover over it, instead of just one word. That would be so amazing.


    Yes, I do too. Because sometimes when you try to translate words it comes out a bit different.


    Learning Portuguese, I've been doing stories for at least 9 months now. So happy they brought it to IOS; it's been the best thing since ChatBots! I know this will change my experience on Duolingo forever, so cheers to this and the following updates!


    i want to see the stories in android


    A question: do you mix Android and iOS users in the leagues? Apparently it is much easier to get XP from stories, and I don't have that feature yet...


    I wouldn't mind some stories for Korean please...


    It's not available for Danish learners yet. :-( But I'm happy about the Spanish stories.


    Weird. I have stories on my android phone but not on my iPad lol


    When will dutch stories be coming to Duolingo - they are great!


    No Stories yet on my Moto e5 Play!


    I'm looking forward to see it on android. Also, what about stories in Italian?


    I have given stories a try, and my favorite is "You can talk?" in English to Spanish. Its really funny and very imaginitive. (I didn't spell that right, sorry.)


    Will there be Hebrew stories too?


    id love for these to come out for dutch! i just tried out the french ones because i wanted to see how it would be structured and its pretty fun!


    Do we have a timeline for stories in other languages? I'm clamping to get them in Japanese.


    stories are my FAVORITE


    Can you change how you earn exp for stories? There is someone that's been doing stories now for like 2 weeks maybe even longer. He only has 81 crowns, during those 2 weeks i've looked at him he earned 0 new crowns and got over 20,000 xp just from doing stories (in the period of time I've been looking at him) and he is easily able to obtain 1k ~ 6k xp on a daily basis just by doing them. Not really fair to be honest if you compare it with other people that learn a language that got no story mode for it yet and try to "compete" in becoming 1st place in a leaderboard.


    Mine’s updated and not working. It’s iOS


    The stories for french are hilarious and I love them!


    The stories are the same for all the languages, just translated into different langages.


    Hi, I have finished the French stories on Duo Lingo's website many months ago. Will there be other French stories given? I truly enjoy them.


    Go hiontach! Maith thú! Anois, as Gaeilge, le do thoil?


    I can't wait for Android!!!


    When will there be more stories in French. I didn't realize how much I liked them until I finished the last one!


    Have you started to work on Italian stories yet? Can you give us some (even vague) answer if it is worth hoping for them to come out soon?


    stories in italian please!


    This is great, thank you! Can't wait for the Android release!

    • 1642

    Hi when are we getting new stories. They are great for helping one to learn sentence composition.


    The fact that you can do the same story over and over again for 24 xp a pop means people will keep doing the same stories over and over again and not learn. Do the same as with the lessons, full points first go, reduced points second go, none third go. It's the only way learners will move on. Because as long as there are leader boards and people cheating on it, there will be players tempted to do the same just to stay in the league.


    Is their any chance for us Italian learners for any story?


    I have listened to all the stories.....is it possible for me to get more somehow ????


    Stories are great and the more languages that have them the better! I’d love harder stories too as I’ve finished all the French ones and would like more difficult ones now.


    Russian would be great


    I would really love to see stories in some of the languages I am working on here- not only would it be fun, but people studying languages with stories have an unfair advantage in the leagues with the amount of points they can gain. Maybe, until stories are offered across all language platforms, league membership should be filtered and grouped based on languages studied.


    We are experimenting with XP in stories to keep things fair. More on that once we find the best solution!


    Well apply it evenly to the web AND the app as the later is unaffected. I found this out only this morning when I went on the web to review a difficult story I was doing yesterday and received 0 - that is ZERO - xp for it.


    That is right. Some are getting 0XP if redoing a story. That encourage you to move forwards to more difficult stories, but really discourage the repetition, which is one of the best ways to learn.




    Are you going to add user-contributed Stories? That could be a semi-replacement for Immersion...


    Italian please? :)


    Will there be other languages coming to stories? Can Russian please be included? Great work btw!


    Cannot wait for Stories on Android :)

    Will Duolingo ever consider releasing an SRS style learning method akin to AnkiDroid? The Wordlist exists already so I look forward to seeing how it gets used in future.

    Keep up the good work :D <3


    Could you give us any indication how far off Italian stories may be? e.g. are they even 10% of the way there yet?

    [deactivated user]

      The stories are sicc. Can't wait for Italian


      I really love Duolingo's stories in Spanish, French and German. Any chance to have Stories in Japanese and, maybe one day, in Latin from English? That will be great!


      Anyone missing stories in Turkish? Fingers crossed we get them soon.


      Huh, I was wondering why they didn't show up on the app.


      Does anyone else notice that we don’t always get extra points? Sometimes Duo cheats and gives 10 instead of 15 and then adds another five as if it gave 20 points all together instead of just 15! I’m ok with less points but I don’t like cheaters and liars.


      I have always had stories when I play on my laptop ( I love them) but even with all the crowing and updates, my ipad still does not show the option. It's disappointing. could it be because my ipad is two or three years old? I update constantly.


      No, I have a 3rd gen iPad and there is also no icon for stories down the bottom. Other posts here have asked the same question. Perhaps cindymayberger could answer for us when this is likely to be implemented?

      It works on your iPhone though.


      Nach meiner meinung, sind die Geschichten unnoetig, obwohl sie einen Grund wegen Sprachkenntnisse haben, denn ich vermisse die Chatbots. Ich weiss, dass das kein Sinn macht, aber das ist das Leben.


      I'd love to have English - Japanese stories cus I'm learning Japanese there isn't any :(


      Can't wait for it on Android!


      I know it's a bit of a stretch, since our tree was just recently finished, but Japanese stories? Any ln the schedule at all?


      ¡Pero no disponible en iPad!


      These stories are all-American (Latino) and pretty useless for genuine Spanish and Portuguese. Indeed, the same stories from Brazilian Portuguese are translated in slowly spoken childlike Latino Spanish.


      Would love the stories released as a podcast to listen to!! Like an easier version of the Duolingo podcasts that already exist :)


      That's fantastic news! Is it separate from the app? I haven't seen them on mine yet. I'm excited and waiting for Romanian stories! Woohoo!


      Thank you! I love the stories


      Can't wait to get this update


      Awesome! I'll still have to wait for the android release though :c


      how to insert hyperlinks in these posts/comments? e.g. Can I do something like Google ?


      I'm looking for some one to talk to


      My favorite story is Honeymoon. Not only does it give you many new words, but to be a gay woman, hearing "my wife" in French for the first time in an LGBT story brought tears to my eyes. I couldn't believe my ears and had to listen to it all over again immediately. Thank you, Duolingo, for making your stories so imclusive!

      [deactivated user]


        where that japanese though


        Okay, but what about lessons? It's 2019 and we still do not have tips+notes section in the mobile version. WHY? I know within duolingo forum there are threads about this issue from 2015. 4 years.


        I'm so exited for android version


        How do I find the stories in the app? I still only have them on the website.


        Wonderful! I love doing the Stories in German on the website so I can't wait for them to come to Android!


        I need someone to talk to


        The stories are great for enforcing previously learned words; yes I have seen them on the "Free" Android devices as well as the ios. This is great. Though are these changes going to make it onto the "Plus" (paid) Android version? Currently the only plus side of "plus" is having the learning portion available when offline; but to access any other content You have to use a web-browser or a PC. Please fix this, it feels like a waste of money.


        Wow Great!!!!!!!!!!


        I wish the stories would be available on my iPad. Now I have finished ALL the stories, what's next? I need another challenge; something like an interactive talking back and forth to practice my speaking skills and pronunciation


        I love the stories on iOS. I just have one comment about the L’étranger story. That fact that Ludovic is blond is essential to the understanding of the event. However, the emoji head that represents him has black hair. Could this be changed? Thanks for the very entertaining and helpful stories.


        I like stories! woot


        I love the stories and they're great for my German!


        Give us them Japanese stories please!!!


        Haven’t been able to log into the app for weeks. It says to try again later. This happened after the latest update to add stories. I apparently can use the browser version on my phone but I see nowhere to ask for help or contact Duolingo on the mobile browser version. Please fix this Duolingo!


        Great news! Thank you for adding this feature! One interesting thing that I noticed about stories is that when using the mobile app, I get points for repeating a story and number of times; But if I use the browser, I only get points for repeating up to three times.


        It's really a great news. I'm studying English by Duolingo, since 2016, and I really love the stories. Surely it's a nice way to learn/to play.


        Awesome!I will love to hear stories in a different language!My sister will love that! :3


        So excited about those stories. Waiting for the Android vision. Toll!


        Duolingo Stories have been a lot of fun, and so far they're keeping me interested in learning. Hope to see this feature on Android, and with more stories in different languages!


        Anyone here waiting for Russian stories? :P


        I'll be waiting for more languages...


        Yes, I have given stories a try but I am waiting for Russian to be the next one.


        Great job! Keep at it!


        I like the stories they give me a great different option other then just going through the lessons plus they help me to learn how to make the sentences better and learn how the language works


        I'm LOVING these stories! I am doing them in Spanish. So happy that they are now in the iOS app!

        Side note: I was also pleasantly surprised that one featured a lesbian couple. Way to go for being inclusive!


        "Whats next", where is the whats next? There is no telling us whats next. I hope more for arabic and chinese


        Love the stories. You get to see language in the context of a bigger picture, as opposed to just one sentence at a time.
        I echo others in that they are a nice break from lessons and that I would like to have an audio only option.

        Overall, with Duolingo I am finding my listening and speaking are lagging quite far behind my ability to read. I can barely ever understand Quebecois french even though I suppodely know over a thousand french words. I'm sure this would also be true for other french dialects.

        So I would suggest even more listening activities, especially with human voices (as opposed to robots), so learners can actually become fluent.


        YAY I'M SO EXCITED!!! I love all the Spanish stories you make! The plot twists are great. <3 I I U


        but not on ios tablets apparently. Why?


        I'm hoping for a Japanese story soon. I appreciate all the hard work you do to make learning fun UwU <3


        I look forward to having stories in other languages like Italian or Swedish, but since fewer people learn them, I am not very optimistic :(


        So excited ! Thank you :)


        Sure, stories are great. I've been using them since they are available on iOS and I think they area great way of improving your listening skills and your vocabulary.


        Love the stories - just wish you'd do some in Mandarin


        Fi Fi Needs a Room


        I’ve been reading the stories. Many of them are funny and I just finished one that was hilarious.


        I anxiously await more stories in Spanish. This feature has really helped buikd my comprehension. Pkease post more soon.


        Love the stories! Would be happy to see Swedish stories in the future as well :)


        Waiting for the Swedish and the Russian Stories! I speak a little bit of German, so I can do them too but yeah, it is not my focus language yet. Love from Turkey!




        still no italian stories -_-


        I do like the French series. The German series too. And I'm still waiting for la bella lingua, italiano. Any day now, right?


        Please put it on Android, then I can listen at work.


        Please bring stories in Italian!


        I tried but I rather do something different


        For us, who are doing stories in different languages it is a bit unconvenient that most of the stories are the same in all languages (didn't try German yet), so it is a bit dull and not very stimulating.


        Just discovered stories. They're great! :)


        The Stranger in Spanish is not closing after I’ve finished. I’ve tried several times and can’t advance until it does. Thanks! The stories are great!


        Stories are now available on my Android device. This is great! Thank you, Duolingo Team.


        I don’t see stories tab on my iPad app (iOS 13). Learning French. Please help.


        I love the Spanish stories!! I am hoping that there will be more! Merle


        We Italian learners are extraordinarily patient, still waiting, but happy for those with Stories!


        Why has stories icon gone from my iPad on line in last couple of days ?


        When will stories be available on iPad?


        looking forward to having Korean stories on Android


        I wish more stories will be added in the future for other languages as well! I would love to read some stories in Russian or Chinese haha. Also does anyone know if more languages will be added to Duolingo in the upcoming updates? ive really been wanting to learn some Thai..


        I've noticed that stories online in French are different than the stories on the iPad in French. On the iPad, it looks like I've only gone through 2 levels of stories, but on the website, I've gone through six, plus the actual stories are not the same between the two platforms. I'd imagine this would be kept in sync, but sadly this is not.


        Do all languages on duolingo have stories attached and have learning trees from beginner, intermediet and advanced level yet?

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