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"How do you count from 1 to 5, Mike?"

Translation:كَيْف تَعُدّ مِن ١ إِلى ٥ يا مايْك؟

November 1, 2019



What are the correct vowels here on the verb and on the numbers? Or is the audio correct?



كَيْفَ تَعُدُّ مِنْ ١ (واحِدٍ) إِلى ه (خَمْسَةٍ) يا مايْكُ؟

"kaifa ta3udd(u) min waHiid(in) 2ilaa khamsa(tin) yaa maik(u)?" - Formal Standard.

(1) the complete vowels on the verb is "ta3udd(u)".

(2) for the numbers, the audio says "min waaHid(un) 2ilaa khamsat(u)". It is incorrect, unfortunately. It should be "min waaHid(in) 2ilaa khamsa(tin)" (or "min waaHid 2ilaa khamsa" if we say it informally).


There are insufficient implications as to whether Mike is someone we know and therefore can use تعد , or whether the situation is formal and we would use تعدين, am i right?


I've figured out that:

تعدين - Female

Male - تعد


Hahaha, so if we are feeling formal we address Mike as if he were a woman?!

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