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"There are many students in the library."

Translation:In bibliotheca sunt multi discipuli.

November 2, 2019



From Liber => Librarium (latin) (book-cases/chests for books).

Libraria (bookseller's shop) -> French Librairie (same meaning)
Libraria in other Romance language, with same meaning.

Librairie (French: bookseller) ----> changed it meaning -----> Library (equivalent to Latin "bibliotheca")

Bibliotheca (Latin) -> French bibliothèque ---> nothing in English, except the word bibliotec (used for the Bible's books)

Bibliotheca (Latin) = English library.
Libraria (Latin) = Bookseller

English switched the meaning.


"In bibliotheca" is using the ablative case, right? How do we know to use that rather than the dative case "in bibliothecae"; which I would understand to mean "within the library" which I think would also make sense in this example.


Multi discipuli in bibliotheca sunt?

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