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Latin after duolingo

Having completed the Latin course I am keen to keep progressing in the language. In particular I feel that I need to really get to grips with the grammar. Has anyone any recommendations on where to go next? Are there any other good on-line courses, either for classical or ecclesiastical Latin?

November 2, 2019



Not online but I have found Orberg's book Familia Romana is a good place to start.


I know some people love using the book Lingua Latina per se illustrata (I'm currently focussing on other languages, so I haven't had more than a brief look at it). Here's the link to the pdf:



If you want to get a grasp of the grammar, (not just reading Latin as it is). I recommend Wheelock's Latin, it is a tried and true textbook which focuses heavily on the grammar translation method of Latin instruction. It can get dry, but any question you have will be answered in there.


Not sure about online, but the Cambridge Latin course is a surprisingly fun read with helpful grammar. I think they have online resources, but they are probably more supplementary. Good for understanding Latin internet memes, though, as most come from this course.

Caecilius est in horto!


Lingua Latina per se illustrata


There is an excellent series of videos on YouTube by Nicholas Oulton. He also does a series on Roman History. He has written several books of exercises to help with grammar too.

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