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Practise seems very repetitive.

Specifically French, but this might be a problem that affects more than just this one language.

It seems that I will often get the same questions asked over and over in a practise session, albeit in a different format of question. Sometimes I'm not even that lucky though and I am asked the same question in the same format three or four times with almost no break in between.

This, in combination with the fact that there are words from previous chapters which I have long since forgotten or not seen makes me think that the algorithm for selecting practise questions is either flawed, or there are not enough combinations of questions which make use of esoteric words from prior lessons.

Since the duolingo servers store your proficiency with each word I have to assume that it also records your last-use date. It would be neat if the admins or someone behind the scenes pulled the least used words and most used words and came up with a few more combinations that make use of both.

Just my two cents.

Keep up the good work, DL!

April 24, 2013



I agree.. when I choose "practice all skills", I really want the algorithm to use ALL words, not just the ones with the most decaying skill points. I tend to start every day refreshing my memory with this feature, but it serves little purpose if it gives me the same three or four sentences over and over again.

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I just did German, Dative case practice skill and it was 70% "Aus dem Laden" and the rest was "Die Ente isst mit dem Hahnchen" (sorry no umlaut on the last word) - combined with translate to and from German/English. Repetitive indeed. I am convinced this will be sorted in the future, thank you in advance DL.


Did this happen in "practice all skills" or while practicing a specific skill? Does it happen all the time?


Luis, I presume you mean the first part of my post, with the frequent repetition of the same question two or three times in a row?

Asked on the spot, I would say that this repetition typically happens when I use the Practise All Skills button. It is hard to say whether it happens ALL the time, but it is very noticeable when it does happen. I would say it happens frequently enough that I was prompted to make a post about it, so while not every single practise session, it is frequent enough to be picked out as a recurring "problem".

I will make an effort to take notes next time this happens and report it using the sidebar tool, however, if that would be of any use. I didn't report this using the sidebar before because there's technically nothing wrong with what Duolingo is doing, only that it's repetitive.

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For me, it has happened when I redo lessons because the little gold bars have decayed. I've never had the same question in the same format twice in succession, but often I'll get the same sentence as German-to-English, English-to-German, repeat-the-audio, and multiple choice. It doesn't seem to happen when I'm doing a new lesson. I don't use Practise All Skills so I don't know if it would have happened there.


Thanks Duo team for all you've done! In the French tree, I noticed this too during 'practice all skills' but the repetition of the same expression two or three times in a row also happened when I went back to repeat a lesson. I like the idea of marking off an expression that I found difficult, e.g. certain prepositions, that I would like to review in a practice session.

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