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  5. "This door is very cheap."

"This door is very cheap."

Translation:यह दरवाज़ा बहुत सस्ता है।

November 2, 2019



Why यह and not इस


इस is the oblique form of यह. It is used when it is the object of a postposition.

For example, in ' इस दरवाज़े का दाम काम है' ('The price of this door is less'), the noun phrase 'इस दरवाज़े' is in the oblique case because of the postposition 'का'. This is why the oblique case forms इस and दरवाज़े are used instead of यह and दरवाज़ा.

On the other hand, there are no postpositions in 'यह दरवाज़ा बहुत सस्ता है' which is why यह and दरवाज़ा are in their direct case forms.


Does "susti" here have both senses of "cheap" in English—i.e. both "inexpensive" and also "poorly made"? Could be awkward if mistakenly used otherwise. (Much of my favorite food is very inexpensive but not at all poorly made!)


It's mostly used only in the sense of 'inexpensive'.

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