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"Mohamed's restaurant is good."

Translation:مَطْعَم مُحَمَّد طَيِّب.

November 3, 2019



When do we use جيد vs طيب to mean "good"? So far in all the lessons we used only jayyad. But it seems now, Tayyab can also be used esp in the context of food.

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Exactly, ‘طيّب’ is used when you want to say that the food is "tasty", yet there is a better word that can be used if you want to learn MSA which is "lad'eed'-لذيذ". Still, you can also use ‘جيّد’ with food but it would mean that the food is "okay".

PS: ‘طيّب’ can also be used to describe humans as being kind, so you would say ’هو رجلٌ طيّب‘ meaning "he is a kind/good man."

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