Duo and SNL

Duo was just featured in a SNL skit. Must be a first:)

November 3, 2019


Here is the YouTube video:

That was funny. Thanks.

Video unavailable The uploader has not made this video available in your country.

  1. Use a VPN.

  2. Use a proxy server.

  3. Download the video.

Edit: Use NordVPN. One of the best. They have a free trial deal.

NordVPN don't have a great record on security, or being upfront with their customers:

Or we could just boycott companies in to not region locking their content

I have tried Nord and have had no luck! I don't know if I have it wrong but I can't even dl anything?

Epic browser has built-in VPN for location purposes.

Hilarious! The comments were pretty funny too.

Notice they misspelled Duolingo in the title.

Edit: it's been fixed now.

How about these scenarios for SNL bits? Guy travels to International Space station and wants to keep his streak. He sees sunrises every 45 minutes. What time zone to use? Who's the Internet service provider and how much? I volunteer to go on the show as the bumbling astronaut ignoring all the assigned experiments, "Don't bother me, I got to gets more XP to advance in the leagues. Besides I gots a streak to maintain. Go away, don't bother me."

Here I am getting ready to go to Mars to join the colony. What language do they speak on Mars? Please tell me it's anyone but AT&T as the Internet service provider.

The last bit my crazy mind thought of. Extraterrestrials have landed in Erney, Pennsylvania, USA. They announce they desire an alien discount for a Duolingo subscription and are eager to join Duolingo and conquer the Leagues. With an average lifespan of 1,000 years they are eager to also start their streaks.

Someone in that situation might possibly run into a native speaker of Klingon to assist him in that particular Duolingo course?

Haha, so hilarious and cool ! " I like your back pack, chicken fingers ".
Sorry i missed this one - i was doing my Duo lessons. ;-)
" Very cool, bud. You're not pretty but you'll become an engineer. " - to a girl.

I could be a contributor for the Talking to Your Father course they mention at the end of the sketch! Topics would include TV Westerns, Loni Anderson and How FoxNews Sold Out to the Liberals.

Paladin, Paladin where do you roam? Paladin, Paladin far far from home.

So now comes the real question. Is the "Talking to Kids" course currently being hatched, and when will it be available? :-p

Indeed, it's in the Incubator which takes you to the video on YouTube. I love how Duo are being such good sports about this!

That was hilarious! Thank you for pointing this out.

Just watched it on YouTube and it gave me a good laugh, thank you for letting us know! :D
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Thank you Louiswu15 for this post, and sharing this fun also with us all.

edited: check out by vivisaurus

my post and reference:

As for others, I also have not been able to watch it, until just recently it came up in my twitter feed.

In case this may assist others, here is the link that worked here in Australia:

Or this one, that is a bit "rough" around the edges" that may work for some, and will give you an idea of the "finished" skit that is doing the rounds : -

Other commentary/links to this skit may be accessible for some through:

Though again, from here in Australia, none of those links would give me access to the clip.
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To quote

Ever feel super awkward talking to a child? Kristen Stewart demonstrated this awkwardness perfectly in an SNL sketch. .... The modified program helps adults communicate with kids without sounding lame. ...

The app teaches her some key phrases that are sure to win over children, such as “Very cool, bud,” and “I like your backpack.” It helps you master that complicated I Got Your Nose game—always a fun time. And it teaches you to communicate with kids in a variety of scenarios and settings: Talking to a friend’s new baby, interacting with kids in public places like restrooms, or a bus.
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The skit then becomes a commercial for language app Duolingo, but specifically "for talking to children." The child-friendly app is designed for "grown people who need to learn to talk to kids, because their friends are starting to have them."

Stewart breezes through practice phrases such as "Very cool, bud," "chicken fingers" and "I like your backpack," but then hits a speed bump when she realizes it's no longer acceptable to call a young girl "pretty."

"You look not pretty," Stewart mutters, meeting a girl in a princess costume. "I mean, you're sweet, I mean, you're an engineer one day."
The sketch ends with a cringe-worthy high five between "SNL" cast member Kyle Mooney and a kid, making us wish Duolingo would release this app for real.

and I (daKanga) will also add here, hinting at another course, for "How to talk to Dads."

笑! That's hilarious!
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Here are some other clips that might amuse:
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This skit comes with a warning - not for children.
Also be aware, it is not produced by Duolingo. Duolingo is constantly changing and reviewing its material. And that also the sentences mentioned may not be a part of Duolingo, also due to the constant review and production of material that is undertaken in all courses.

Abuse is taken seriously by Duolingo.

Now with those issues initially commented on, this skit may amuse those who are older, especially as we have just passed Halloween.

Check out this discussion:

I think so! Have to say, I laughed because I wonder if my grandpa could use it for talking to children :P

That was funny and I needed the laugh! Thanks for posting :) :)

Just watched it! So funny!

it was hilarious! Spot on!

There was a lot of linguistic humor on that SNL. I liked the dog translator.

I must be a grinch. I thought the skit was meh. I'd have enjoyed a take on someone using Duo for only a couple months trying to have a full on conversation in their target language (and failing miserably) - like sticking doggedly only to the phrases they learned in the first skill trees.


Native speaker: "¡Hola! ¿Cómo estás?"

Duo student: >.> "Yo bebo, tú bebes, él bebe."

Native speaker: "¿Que?"

Duo student: <.< "Yo como pan."

Either that or something around the useless Lingots. ;)

I just feel the sketch as they wrote it was a bit of a stretch. But I bet SNL is happy it was a hit with some folks.
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YEAHHHHHH ! Thank you for this !
It works for myself, here in Australia Duo2

That was...hilarious!! Thanks for sharing :-)

Thanks for the heads up.

That's hilarious! I could totally see duolingo for how to make small talk or conversation.

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