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"E kākou ma ka lina poepoe."

Translation:Let's all stand in a circle.

November 3, 2019



everyone stand in a circle


Please differentiate "Letʻs stand in the circle." versus "Letʻs stand in a circle."


Let’s stand in a circle meaning let all of us form the shape of a circle. Let’s stand in the circle would mean that there is already a circle and we are encouraged to stand within it.


It said "let us stand in a circle" there is no us in the options.


What scar888 said. I wanted to report it, but I almost checked "My answer should not be accepted" before I saw the "not" and went to "something else was wrong."


Isnʻt "...ma ka lina poepoe." translated to be to stand in the circle as opposed to the current translation to stand in a circle? Different meanings.


"loko" is "inside' i loko ka poepoe = in the circle vs. in a circle = ma ka poepoe


Aloha. I agree with jt_air and HoferWong — there is a difference between “in A circle” and “in THE circle” as they have outlined.

If the DL translation is regarded as correct then how does one say “in THE circle” — seems impossible. If the DL translation is regarded as wrong then it needs to be flagged and changed. It’s been a year since this was asked.

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