Went to my first Duolingo event!!!

I'm sure most of you who are interested in going to an event have the same concerns (or fears) about going to an event that I did. Just wanted to share my experience hoping it helps others.

For me it was: Would I be the only one there?, would I be able to follow the conversations with my limited knowledge?, Would I look stupid if I try to speak outloud? Would they all be experts and I'll be the only newbie, Would they understand me with my New York accent trying to sound French?

So I decided to face my fears and go to my first event. It happened to be a Barnes and Noble (major bookstore) that was minutes from my house.

To my delight there were 7 others who were there!!! We all seemed to have the same level of learning and the best part was realizing that everyone there had the same passion that I did for learning the language and were all very supportive of each other. I found out that I did follow the discussion and maybe I knew more than I realized. I was really starting to be able to have a conversation in French finally.

The two hours unfortunately flew by and I wanted more. Cant wait for the next one. This is a great way to get to that next level. I found out for myself that you can practice vocabulary all day but unless you use it and speak to others it will be hard to progress.

Sorry for such a long post...

Good luck all Cory

November 3, 2019, 2:50 PM


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