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"The paterfamilias is also the patron."

Translation:Paterfamilias quoque est patronus.

November 3, 2019



Does the positioning of "quoque" matter in Latin sentences?

I initially put "Paterfamilias est patronus quoque" and Duolingo marked it as wrong.


"Quoque" is an adverb, which precede the verb. You could put "est" at the end, but "quoque" must immediately precede it.


Should the word "paterfamilias" not be in the English sentence? I had to translate the English sentence "The paterfamilias is also the patron," into Latin, and I am wondering if this was a mistake, and it was supposed to say "The head of household is also the patron."


"Head of household" is a reasonable translation, but "paterfamilias" is enough of a unique concept in ancient Roman culture that it makes some sense to allow it without translation in English. "Forum" vs. "market" is another example: an ancient Roman forum was a market, but it was often rather more than just a market, and Duolingo allows it to remain "forum" in Latin->English translations.


Paterfamilias is not a english word

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