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"The paterfamilias is also the patron."

Translation:Paterfamilias quoque est patronus.

November 3, 2019



Should the word "paterfamilias" not be in the English sentence? I had to translate the English sentence "The paterfamilias is also the patron," into Latin, and I am wondering if this was a mistake, and it was supposed to say "The head of household is also the patron."


"Head of household" is a reasonable translation, but "paterfamilias" is enough of a unique concept in ancient Roman culture that it makes some sense to allow it without translation in English. "Forum" vs. "market" is another example: an ancient Roman forum was a market, but it was often rather more than just a market, and Duolingo allows it to remain "forum" in Latin->English translations.


Does the positioning of "quoque" matter in Latin sentences?

I initially put "Paterfamilias est patronus quoque" and Duolingo marked it as wrong.

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