I found a couple of bugs that you might want to have a look at.

A couple of weeks ago I started redoing all the lessons in each unit ( I keep notes and I am doing the units, and the lessons in the unit, in order).

I had to stop for a couple of days because of all the new lessons on the French tree, and now that I finished the new lessons, I started again.

The two bugs are the following:

1) I occasionally find new words in some lessons, and even when I have 3 hearts left at the end of the lesson. Some of the words that I remember seen, and that are not in my vocabulary list: agriculture, afin, fiancé, sauce ...

2) After finishing the new lessons ( I got my owl back ;-) every time I finish the last lesson of the unit I get again the "Congratulation" pop up window with the Duo Owl congratulating me for finishing the entire skill tree. I guess there is some bug in the checks that ignores the fact that I already finished the tree before.

Nothing very serious, I would really like to have all the new words on my vocabulary so that I can practice them occasionally but it is not a huge deal.

Thanks for checking!


April 24, 2013



I can't even get lessons to complete. I will get to the last question and click continue and then it will just sit there with the loading bar!

Sometimes the server is kind of slow, you might have to wait for a minute or two. I have seen this kind of delay too. I used to think that it was my browser, and every time I would fail in a lesson more than two times in a row, I would close the window and continue in a new one, I had the impression that they were somehow correlated because most of the times that the page seemed stack it was in this type of situations. Once or twice I forgot the window open, and it eventually moved on to the next page.

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