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"E hoʻopili aku i ka puana a ke kumu."

Translation:Imitate the pronunciation of the teacher.

November 4, 2019




2 A verbal directive. In Hawaiian, the motion or action of verbs is supposed to be towards one (mai,) or from one (aku,) or upwards (ae,) or downwards (iho,) or sideways, which is also ae.

Aku is mostly connected with verbs, sometimes with nouns and adverbs; it implies motion or tendency from one, onward, etc.; as, e hele aku, to go off, go from one; the opposite of e hele mai, to come towards one. In narrative tenses the verbal directives are generally followed by the syllable la; as, hele aku la oia, he went off; noho iho la ia, he sat down, or he dwelt



The particle aku is the opposite of the particle mai. Aku directs the action away from the speaker. Aku can also often change the meaning of certain verbs.

(duolingo notes) : https://www.duolingo.com/skill/hw/Social-Interactions/tips-and-notes


Hmm I used the word tiles and used "teacher" + " 's " DL said I had a typo and should have put "teacher s" I went to report "My answer should be accepted" and it wasn't there, but there was a check box for "My answer should not be accepted" I never saw that choice before anywhere in DL...


marked wrong and flagged: Copy the pronunciation of the teacher.

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