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  5. "At night you all sleep."

"At night you all sleep."

Translation:Noctu dormitis.

November 4, 2019



Why not noctu omnis dormitis?


Great minds think alike.


It's a (to my mind) confusing way of telling us that "you" is plural in this sentence, so we are not expected to translate "all". However, otherwise-correct answers which do translate "all" should be accepted.


Curiously, this is pretty natural for Spanish speakers (and I suppose that for other latin-derived languages too). "En la noche dormimos" is more common and natural than "En la noche todos nosotros dormimos". I love how many things from Latin are still alive and in use today in it's heirs.


But isn't the form "dormimos" for "we"?


Yes, you are right, sorry. My bad. Anyway, the case Is similar for "you". You could say: "En la noche dormís" instead of: "En la noche todos vosotros dormís".


I think "omnis" is singular, with the sense of the whole of something. Here we need "all" as plural. There is the sense of "all of you", that is, more than one. The plural is, I think, "omnes".

I see alterprete on this page gives "Noctu vos omnes dormitis" for "At night you all sleep" so I seem to be right.


THE WORD "NIGHT": in another exercise Duo shows a picture of the moon at night with the caption "night", not "at night". The expected answer is "noctu". "Noctu" is an adverb meaning "at night". The noun for "night" is "nox". I've tried to draw Duo's attention to this as I think it could cause confusion.


Should be: "Noctu vos omnes dormitis".

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