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How do you say "silence" in arabic?

Can you help me with the word SILENCE. then can you use examples, like "I like silence"

November 4, 2019


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Depending on the context, the word "silence" can be translated into various words into Arabic.
The two words سُكوت (sukút) and صَمْت (camt) are almost of the same meaning. However, it might be that the word سُكوت conveys the meaning of stopping to talk rather than just being silent. It's just my feeling about the word though, but I would say in thesaurus books the two words are of the same meaning. By the way, I use "C" instead of "SS" for ص (Velar "S" sound).

If you are using "silence" as a synonym to quiet place or "quiet moment* then that would be هُدوء (hudú').

These are general meanings here and taking into account that you mean the noun "silence" and not the verb "to silence". It would help if you have a context that uses such word to have a more delicate translation into Arabic.


اسكت (Uskut!) if you wanna tell someone to be silence. The root word is سكت-يسكت (SaKaTa - YaSKuTu)

btw, you can trust me :)) I studied Arabic since elementary and now take Arabic Literature in college ^^


Silence means : هدوء Hudoo' Or صمت Samt


I think hudu2 would be more of a calm silence, rather than just silence per se.


What about الصمت

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