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Need for additional languages

I teach Adult E.S.L. Classes. Many of my students speak Urdu and Youroba. Those languages are not available on Duolingo.

November 4, 2019



There are over 6000 languages out there, no offense, but it might be easier to find another source since doulingo doesn’t have the languages. I see what you mean, the languages you need the most aren’t available. Unfortunately, it takes a really really long time for doulingo to make a new course. Maybe those are already in progress?

On a side note. What is being an ESL teacher like? How much of indevidual languages do you know?


I really enjoy being an ESL teacher. I speak some Spanish but my accent is really bad. I speak a little French also. I try to say a phrase in Urdu here and there and my students think it's hilarious. One day I said, "Well, that's life!", in each of the five languages that are spoken in the class. We all laughed .


You're just going to have to use the Direct Method. That's kind of the bread and butter of ESL teachers. Good luck!



have you checked this FAQ / linked thread: https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/articles/204979660-How-can-I-suggest-a-new-language-course-

If those languages requests may already exist, staff wants us to upvote the linked language threads.

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