Just got back on Duolingo

I used to practice Polish daily, and my streak was going about 40-50 days strong, before my father died in december of last year, which really effected my work ethic, but as of 12 days ago I came back to Polish in an attempt to continue what I finished, and it really helps give me something to do to occupy my time, as well as help me re-connect with the normalcy I had before december, It's been really good having this, the leaderboard to compete, and the grinding I've done, it really helps me learn and grow, not only in my languge of choice, but as a greving man, it helps me come to better terms with my father's passing, as he was proud of me beforehand for my streak, and I intend to get that back

November 4, 2019, 3:36 PM


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I'm sorry for your loss, C1rcuit. I hope you reach your Polish goals.

Thank you, though if possible I'd ask that you don't give lingots as I feel as that would be seen as making my point more for lingots then expression, Thank you again

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