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Duolingo featured on SNL

Duolingo was parodied on this weekend's Saturday Night Live hosted by actress Kristen Stewart.

Duolingo but for talking to kids

This took us all by surprise, but some of us felt like we could relate...

Watch the clip on Twitter

Watch the full clip on Youtube (US)

And guess what was spotted in the Incubator yesterday...

Child for adult speakers

November 4, 2019



The SNL skit was hilarious. Here's a recent post and discussion on this topic: Duo and SNL

Just 5 minutes a day can turn you into a brat whisperer!

Edit: It's interesting to note that the SNL skit shows Duolingo has now become a part of the common culture.


Duolingo is a cultural icon in its own right. That means more language learners, which is always a good thing.


I bet you like chicken fingers, huh? ;P


You know, this is the 3rd or 4th post about this same topic in the past 36 hours, right ?


But this is Duo's staff :)


Yeah, i noticed. So ?


Ah, yes GlassSlippers—we had some extra info to add to the message... Check out the post!


vivisaurus, Sorry for being off topic, but I couldn't help but notice your streak recently exceeded 2300. Congrats on reaching this huge milestone!


Thank you! And you're almost to 1000! :o


I need this course now! Please, if anyone here speaks Child please contribute!


i speak teenager, a common dialect of child. btw r my eyes deceiving me or does the violin in ur pfp have 4 fine tuners


Yes, my violin has 4 fine tuners (it came like that) I normally tune by pegs, but if I have to play out in public I will fine-tune it just to be 100% sure that everything sounds good.

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I second that motion.
And especially to share some of their knowledge here, on this post.


No kidding this needs to be real. Also we need a course for parents, for those acquaintances you don't remember their names when they greet you and for those uncomfortable distant family members you only get to see on holidays.


Even if Duolingo actually wanted to, I don’t think that this would work. Phrases that children and teenagers use change so frequently that you can’t get a proper guide to compile them unless it is constantly being edited, such as Urban Dictionary. For example, approximately 5 years ago if you had asked a teenager what the phrases “What are those?, What’s 9 plus 10?” and similar equivalents, most could tell you what they meant (excluding various places- most slang and child/ teenager phrasing is based to some extent on the internet, and not everyone uses it for the same things. However, it is a reasonable assumption that these sort of phrases change or are substituted for others over a matter of months regardless of where you are). Nowadays, these are much more obscure.

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Duo never stops teaching me things.

Check out:

And I asked, " cool flossing " ? How can that be a thing ?

So I searched again, and found this:


What can I say now, and know what it means ?

cool flossing

Obviously I also would benefit by this ;P


Oh! Well TIL — thanks for sharing the context DaKanga!

So... this means all of those answers are correct then? Right?

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Once upon a time, in my childhood I spoke child.
However since then, the language seems to have changed quite a bit.

Though some of the old forms seem to work, there is a lot of new terminology and culture for me to catch up with.

So I am not the one to ask.

We need to find an expert in Modern Child.

And I am soooooo looking forward to the release of this course Duo18

I hope also we can encourage the community to create some embellished resources, and share them with the community, so that they could also assist me in learning how to speak in Modern Child.

Ideally to talk about it in this discussion post.


We're still going to need a version "Duolingo for talking to Duolingo employees", as I have no idea what to reply. Ehm, esse collegamento est auf de onda?


When you don't know what to say, you can always high five! Almost always.


I love it ! Whatta sense of humor !!!


How do you remove a language from your account? I made the mistake of adding Japanese, and can't seem to get rid of it.

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[GUIDE] Change language courses : for more information on this topic.

How to remove / reset languages:

  1. Go to where your picture is on the top right of your screen.
  2. Select "Setting"
  3. This will take you to this location:
    http://www.duolingo.com/settings/direction see the grey text for "Remove or reset a language." :)

  4. or, click here

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