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  5. "Their father is in America."

"Their father is in America."

Translation:उनके पिता अमेरिका में हैं।

November 4, 2019



Unka pita can also be correct in this sentence ?


No. पिता is considered a 'formal' word so it is almost always conjugated as plural.


But isn't Unka already plural, with it meaning 'their'?


Father is singular but it's conjugated as plural and unke matches it in number.


Reported this because it said I have a typo, but I used the word bubbles and the corrections aren't listed. It also accepted unka pita but corrected the sentence to: उनका पिता अमरीका में है। (it gave me hai and amarika in the bubbles with not other options).


If you use उनका, you are treating पिता as singular so you need to conjugate with है.

Note: पिता is usually treated as a 'formal' word by itself so it is rare to use it as a singular word, even when the person speaking is older than the father. बाप is a less polite alternative which you will sometimes see in the singular form.


for me also 'You have a typo.'


अमेरिका is corrected to अमरिका (missing e on m) when using the keyboard:



अमरीका (pronounced Amreeka) is the standard spelling in Hindi (or at least it used to be). Because of most younger Hindi speakers being bilingual in English as well, the present trend is to use अमेरिका which is closer to the English pronunciation.


अमेरिका they only gave that one spelling and they told you had a typo


Yes, this is a problem. Elsewhere it gives अमेरिका for America but here it corrects?

EDIT: 8 months later we have the same issue, but here in the discussion they give अमेरिका. (May 2021)


The rights answer wasn't even in the options


Why there's a dot on hain


You need the dot when the subject is plural. In this sentence, the word for 'father' is treated as if it is plural as a way of showing respect.
The dot tells you that the vowel sound in हैं should be pronounced with your nose as well as your mouth.

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