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Duolingo won't allow me to test out

I've studied French for years, so I have no desire to relearn what 'l'homme' means. But I cannot test out--every time I click on "test out" it redirects me to my home page. I even tried using the URL "http://duolingo.com/#/skill/fr/Basics/test" , but it took me straight to the language tree. It's not a French Beta thing, either--I tried it in Spanish, and it did the same thing. Help?

July 27, 2012



What browser are you using?


Well for German you can go by the tests. Try http://duolingo.com/#/bigtest/fr/0 to try and test out. Replace the 0 with a higher number to take a more advanced test. I don't know if this'll help but I hope it will.

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