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Email notifications don't work for stream?

I've noticed two posts made by other users in my stream recently, but I was not notified about it by email. I double checked that email notifications for "Someone posts on my stream" are enabled.

Does anyone experience the same program? Team, could you look into this, please?

April 24, 2013



I've noticed this on/off for a while. I'll get a notice that XXXX posted, I'll reply, then XXXX will reply but I get no notice and will only find out if I go scrolling. It doesn't always happen, but it does seem to happen now and again.


Have the same problem. I usually start getting e-mails once I've replied to a stream conversation, but that wasn't always the case either.

Edit: I actually just got a response from someone who started the conversation without a notification for the first or second time the person posted on my stream.


It just worked for me. Are you sure it didn't go on your spam? I just posted on your stream. Did you get it?


Yes, I'm sure it didn't go to spam, and, strangely, yes, I got the notification about your post in my stream. Maybe that was a temporary problem.


Since it seems to be happening to a number of people, we will investigate. Can you point to the post for which you didn't get an email?


I don't know how to get the link to a post. Here are the screenshots:



I noticed both posts while scrolling my stream and never got email notifications for them.


I have the opposite problem. I get email notifications about new posts in a discussion, but the posts do not show up on my stream. I have this issue using Chrome, Firefox and IE with or without addons enabled.


You're right. That used to happen in the past, but maybe it cluttered people's streams.

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