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All of Lingots Uses: Answered

So I see a lot of posts of people asking what the uses for ingots are so I decided to name them off

  1. Power-ups: Buying streak freezes, timed practices or Double or nothing.

  2. Bonus Skills: Depending on what language you learn you can buy bonus skills such as Idioms and proverbs, or flirting.

  3. Costumes: If you use the app you can buy costumes for your owl!

  4. Posts: you can gift lingots to posts you like!

5.Hearts: on the app you can buy heart refills if you run out!

hope this helps with all you people asking about lingots. if I missed any please tell me in the comments

November 4, 2019



Thanks, hope people stop posting because of this.


After 10 days on duolingo giving lingots is the only use, the few powerups and items are quick to get. Thanks but I doubt people will stop posting though, it is strange to have so few unlockables


Tried giving a lingot - Can confirm it does work. Another lingot for validity!


There is also Double XP for 30 minutes appears every Thursday, I don't know if it is an A/B test


I'm really confused about the "Double XP for 30 minutes". I've clicked on it, done lessons, watched the time go down -- but it doesn't work, my XP doesn't double. Probably I'm just being stupid but -- can someone explain?


huh I've never seen that interesting


Thank you, I was wondering this.


Oops, someone gave me a lingot somewhere in the past minute. Take it!


And that is mine. Please, push it to another Duolingoist and so on !


How do buy costumes?


it's for the mobile device version


yes only on mobile, iOS, etc


Thank you I think this could really help people that are new to DL


They also take lingots from me when I take tests to skip to the next level on my andriod phone. I just tried to do it on desktop though and it seems you don't need to give lingots there.


yup web versions is much better!


I just throw them by the dozens at people who are friendly/entertaining on the Discussion board. xD Though, timed practice...Once I get a bit deeper into it, I might try. ^-^;

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