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Languages Are Meant To Be Learned!

We should all try and grasp the fact that learning is awesome! Hey, hey, don't bash your heads on your schooldesks and roll your eyes. Hear me out. Back in the good old days when we were NOT allowed in the house during summertime, we learned French in school. Now, most schools have taken up Spanish. Though I think that's great, we should try and do something MORE-- So I have a proposal. We should let children/high schoolers in schools choose a language they want to study. It would be interesting! And to make it better, we could reach out to other countries and have kids from the same grade write back in English. For example, let's say Timmy chooses Chinese. A Chinese student from China would write him letters in English. Timmy would write letters to him in Chinese. It would make me so happy to see people with the same dream as me-- to communicate fluently and easily-- to have that fulfilled.

(Sorry I just had an idea and I was ranting. Have a beautiful day guys :))

November 4, 2019, 10:01 PM


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