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  5. "You like to tell stories."

"You like to tell stories."

Translation:Fabulas narrare tibi placet.

November 4, 2019



Why is "fabulas tibi placet narrare" wrong? I thought the word order was not important


I thought the word order was not important

The word order is just as important as it is in any other language. It's just that Latin has a broader range of possibility than many other languages, including English.


Usually you would put the main verb at the end, then the "tibi" because it goes along with the main verb, and lastly the infinitive. Hope that answers your question! I'm taking Latin at school now so I can answer some but not all questions.


Do you have sources? It's just than I'm interested to know.


Yes. Thank you very much and that deserves a lingot :-)

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