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"¿Cómo eso afecta a los estudiantes y maestros?"

Translation:How does that affect students and teachers?

June 26, 2014



Why is it 'a los estudiantes' and not 'a los maestros'? Or does the one 'al los' act for both students and the teachers?


I am not a native english speaker however I believe "how does it (instead of saying 'that') affect the students and teachers?" should be true also.. If not, can somebody please explain me what kind of a difference would this create..


Since the Spanish sentence has "eso", it needs to have "that" in the translation. If "eso" was absent, you would translate using "it" (and "that" would then be wrong instead).

"How does it..." and "how does that..." aren't the same in English. When having a conversation, they ('it' and 'that') would be referring to different ideas or things.


Hold up, 'cómo' means 'how does' instead of just 'how' in this sentence? Why?


The "does" comes from the need in English to add the helper verb "do" (does) when you invert the word order for a question.

"That affects.." = statement.

"Does it affect..?" = question.

Hope this helps.


What is the answer?


que significa es?

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But on a previous question Duo wanted los estudiantes y los maestros. Not consistent.


I was wrong for not including " does". Please explain.


I answered, how does that.and how do they . which is it.


I added a 'the' because of 'a los' but duolingo said it was wrong. Why is that?


надеюсь, что когда я выучу испанский, я смогу сюда вернуться и наконец-то ответить народу на вопрос про артикль, который и меня также сейчас беспокоит Хотя наверно надо просто перечитать и освежить в памяти правила их использования.

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