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Spanish Jokes

Every country has their own jokes. Learning them will expand your vocabulary, and enjoy a good laugh.

¿Qué hace una persona con un sobre de ketchup en la oreja? What is a person with a ketchup packet in their ear doing?

¿Qué? What?

Escucha salsa. Listening to salsa.

¿Sabes las dos palabras que te abrirán muchas puertas en el mundo? Do you know which two words will open a lot of doors for you in the world?

No. ¿Cuáles son? No. What are they?

Tires y empuje. Pull and push.

– ¿Cómo se escribe «nariz» en inglés? – No sé – Correcto! How do you write “nose” in English? I don’t know. Correct!

A fish asks his friend, “What does your dad do?” Nada.

A Spaniard is walking through a grocery store He spies a carton on the shelf labeled “Soy Milk” He smiles to himself and says softly “yes you are”

November 5, 2019



Jokes courtesy of Fluentu: -

Un hombre va al circo en busca de empleo. (A man went to the circus to find a job.)

El director le pregunta: (The boss asked him:)

“¿Y usted qué sabe hacer?” (What do you know how to do?)

El hombre dice, “yo…imito a los pájaros.“ (The man says, “I…imitate birds.”)

El director responde, “bueno… creo que no nos interesa, gracias.” (The boss answers, “well…we’re not interested, thanks.”)

… y el hombre se fue volando. (…and the man flew away.)


La nueva cocinera es un sol. (The new cook is a ray of sunshine.)

B: ¿Cocina bien? (Does she cook well?)

A: No, lo quema todo. (No, she burns everything.)


I really liked the one about the bird! I will have to remember that one.


these are the best jokes ever


I love the "Soy milk" one. XD that one made me laugh out loud.


Cuál es el vino más amargo? Vino mi suegra. (What is the most bitter wine?, My mother-in-law came) It's one that only works in Spanish.

[deactivated user]

    Loved the "Soy Milk" - really laughed! :))


    one of my favorites, but my spanish is a little rusty: Donde va un gato cuando muerte? (Where does a cat go when it dies?) Purr-gato-ry (Gato=cat, so its like a double pun


    Un hombre entra a un bar, y dice - ¡Ay! ...it loses a little bit in the translation.


    What do you call a boat with 4 Mexicans and a hole? Cuatro cinco (cuatro sink-o)


    ¿qué le dice un pez mago a otro pez mago?

    nada por aquí, nada por allá ...


    Hahahahaha! Those are great!


    "soy milk" one has got to be my favorite.


    The soy milk one really cracked me up!


    Thanks. Laughter is a great medicine!!!


    it took me a lot to understood the "soy milk" joke hahaha, but is really a good one!!!!


    Tires y empuje Jale y empuje

    If you ask a Mexican for a Spanish joke we'll tell you a chiste de gallegos.


    Now you're trying to get Songve's place for jokes, right? jk Maybe you can be on the list next to Songve next time.

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