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"Aquela pessoa não pertence ao grupo."

Translation:That person does not belong to the group.

June 26, 2014



Why is "That person does not belong in the group" not accepted? Does it have a slightly different meaning?


Is it common to drop the final vowel in the word "grupo"? Is this word pronounced without the final vowel because it comes at the end of this sentence?


Dear native friends, need your lights of guidance on this. Could it be "Aquela pessoa não pertence no grupo"? Thank you :)))


Hi. It sounds a little awkward to me. "Pertencer a" = belong to (sempre "a" e não "em")


Unusual as it sounds, you just might hear a native saying that, but my guess is that it is gramatically incorrect. I've been taught that the verb "pertencer" (to belong) demands the preposition "a", not "em".


So the o in groupo is silent?


I think the final "o" is a plosive - an expulsion of air - more than a sound. I've noticed it in other words as well.

I'm conscious of plosives because I have a tendency to add them to letters when spelling out words in a dictation program.

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