200th day.

It feels so great to be on my 200th day on Duolingo. I've Improved my skills in Spanish, Dutch and Arabic from literally nothing. At the beginning I studied really little but lately I started to put much more effort and hours studying.

When I started, I just tried to learn as much as I can, I just put too much effort, therefore I've "lost it", it became difficult and I almost gave up. Then I decided to study really little, I mean REALLY LITTLE... Only one lesson per day... just to keep up my streak. After a few months I realized that I wasn't progressing and that I'm not accomplishing my goals.

Today I find myself really comfortable studying, even though it could get difficult sometimes. I write down everything in my notebooks and I search up every word or statement I don't understand. I also review the tips and notes before I continue to the next lesson. also I find myself an hour a day studying so I'm not worried about missing a day.. Or conflicting with other things I need to do or study throughout the day.. Anyways I really enjoy it, and I see how I get better in time.

So that's my story, what about yours? Best of luck to all learners around the world. Shlomo, Israel.

November 5, 2019, 6:31 PM


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Thank you for posting this Shlomomm993. This was very encouraging and beautifully written. Happy Learning :)

Thanks for supporting good luck you too

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