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  5. "You visit us."

"You visit us."

Translation:Nos visitatis.

November 5, 2019



I answered "Nos vos visitatis". I was told I had a typo and that the correct answer was "Vos nos visitatis". Does it matter what order the pronouns are in in this sentence? Should my answer be accepted?


Yours is a weird looking word order to me. I don't know if any authors or speakers would have done this.

You can figure out which pronoun is nominative based on the verb ending however, so you could then figure that nos is the accusative.

Hopefully someone else could say whether it is a possible order.


Yes, I realise it's a weird looking word order, but I thought I'd just try it to see what happened.


So "nos" is accusative here?


Yes, it is here.

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