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Duolingo Stories

I see that Duolingo has mini stories, but I don't see how to incorporate that feature in the schools platform. Is this addition available to teachers within the school platform?

November 5, 2019



I love the stories. Have your students take a screen shot and send it to you.

I also do this for Tinycards.

Side note on Stories:

I am finding that the first two sets (which are new) are too easy for my second-year students, so I will begin using them with my first-year students next semester.


Awesome ideas!! How do you assign stories to your students in the schools platform?


You can't do it technically in the schools platform. You have to stand in front of the class and say, "Do 'Good Morning' and send me a screen shot when you have it golden." Old-school technology. ;)

My students love the Tinycards decks I made for them, so I also use this technique when assigning Tinycards.


Yeah, but I don't mind getting the reports. I guess the screenshot will do. The thing is, what if my curricullum is working on a story that is good for the students now, but it is in a level that is way beyond the student's level now.

The student would have to complete all the other stories to get the the stage that has the stry that I assigned? That sounds hard.

I think that since this is a new feature, Duolingo should allow us teachers to "unlock" new stories for students. And those who are studying by themselves on the platform would need to follow the exact sequence because they are joining in now with this new feature.


I'd like to write a story. Does Duolingo want it? Has anyone asked the same question?


We need to all leave comments and follow the same one to get DuoLingo's attention. Apparently gathering votes is the only way they will implimenta a feature: https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/articles/217267686?input_string=request+feature+-+assign+duolingo+stories

This is the top forum for the request for DuoLingo Stories Request: If we all follow and vote and comment on the same one below, maybe we will have a better chance at getting them to implement assigning DuoLingo Stories!

let's group together on the forum that has the most comments already: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/37083291

Does anyone know how we "get DuoLingo's attention"?

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