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"يا مايْك هَل جَدَّتَك أُسْتاذة؟"

Translation:Mike, is your grandmother a professor?

November 5, 2019



TO THE HELL WITH YOU> DUO LINGO<<< why are you guys not updating or correcting Mistakes,,


The expression is "to hell with you", no article. If someone makes a false statement, eg "X does Y", one could reply "the hell he does" to indicate a strongly-held contrary opinion. But normally, "hell" does not take the definite article.


ok ,أستاذي كاتي


I'm a beginner in Arabic, but I managed to decipher what you wrote. I suppose that's sarcastic? Well, yes, my answer was a bit ponderous, but my aim was to help.


i really appreciate شكرا "كيتي" أنت جيد


In what dialect is "كات" or "كيت"? I cannot find it in any dictionary.


Can someone explain to me why it is جدتك


The word جَدَّتك is composed of جَدَّة = grandmother and the suffix ـك which indicate possession of the 2nd pers. sing. (i.e. your). Thus, جَدَّتك = your grandmother

N.B.: There is a mistake in the exercise. It's supposed to be جَدَّتُك (pronounced /d͡ʒə.'dːæ.tʊ.ka/), since your grandmother is the subject of the sentence.


Thank you, AmineHadji, but why the final a in dzadataka ? As I understand it, dzadda is grandmather, and to make it "your, addressing a male" you have to add tak. Is that wrong? is it taka? But I thought the feminine aspect of the noun is already shown in the additional suffix? (forgive my crude imitation of IPA. May I ask how you type in IPA? I'm full of admiration.


same issue it has to be jidatik


But jidatik is for addressing a feminine noun, isn't it? why do you say jidatik? The source language was jidataka, and I was perplexed by the final a.


i wrote "is your grandmother a professor mike!" nonaccepted. why


Okay, I got this one right. But a couple of lessons ago, يا + name in the beginning of a question before هل in Arabic in a translation exercise from English to Arabic was wrong although the name was first in Arabic. Could you please not use a word order that is marked wrong by yourself?


Before i wrote, this was a question, is mike.... for this task, i typed mike is your grandmother professor... wrong answer ... confused... but after seeing above explanation... i will try to use this one.


incorrect translation. 'mike' should be at the end of the sentence.


I like your logo, Mikhail.



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