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  5. "Calceos tuos celamus."

"Calceos tuos celamus."

Translation:We hide your shoes.

November 5, 2019



In Italian the word for a shoemaker is calzolaio. The word for football (soccer) is calcio. I would guess they are cognate with calceos. Anyway, even if I'm wrong, that is how I will remember it.


Calceōs Accusative Plural • Calceus / Calceī Shoe/s • Calx ( heel of the foot, chalk, limestone, finish line ) + -eus

Vulgar Latin Calcea (garment covering foot and leg) , from Latin Calceus shoe.

Calculus Calculī diminutive of calx, pebble, stone, reckoning, calculating, abacus pebble, gall-bladder stone • a Latrunculi game piece Lūdus Latrunculōrum

Latin Calcārius (“of or pertaining to lime”), derived from calx (“lime”). Similar to Calcium.

Caliga military leather shoe or boot Caligula


This reminds me of—actually, let's not go there....


said everyone at my office to me xD

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