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  5. "In caupona sunt mensae."

"In caupona sunt mensae."

Translation:There are tables in the inn.

November 6, 2019



I notice that 'mensae' is pronounced 'men-sae-a' and should it not be pronounce 'men-sae' where the 'ae' is pronounce like an 'i' as in machine ??? where does the last 'a' come from ???


The last "a" comes from the mouth of a speaker who wouldn't know a diphthong if it hit him over the head! I report it every time, and I hope they will correct it soon. And for the record, "ae" is pronounced like "eye", thus it should be "mens'-eye".


"inn" is a very rare word in modern British English. The normal word is "pub". There are tables in the pub should also be accepted.


Ehh, I'd say that "inn" is more popular tbh. Pretty sure "inn" means pub and a hotel of some sort, while "pub" literally just means pub.


What sort of thing was an "inn" to the Romans? Im picturing a pub?


I think 'Tavern' should be accepted as well as 'inn' for 'caupona'

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