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300 days streak,these are the benefits you can get!

I lost my streak before so let´s say 400 days. I completed two courses during those days, and the benefits you can get are: vocabulary,pronunciation,listening skills and consistency. Each day was worth it,I can say you won´t regret trusting your languages education with Duolingo. Happy learning!

November 6, 2019



Thanks! Happy Learning to you too :)


How does that feel, a 300-days-streak? I am very curious! :P



Great post. Thanks for your participation.
Keep up the good work.

You were also given 40 lingots,
from the Duo lingo team as a congratulatory gift!!



I have one thing to say: you are super awesome! :)


Isaac, the benefits you mention are exactly right and they echo my own thoughts. I now pause longer, check the words, listen more carefully and think harder before answering to try and make sure I am not going to trip up. I really don't like getting the red window!! When I do get one, I smack myself with the angst :):):)

Duolingo has proved that it's a brilliantly successful way to learn. Many good wishes and congratulations to you and to all of them!


Congratulations! Keep learning. Don't lose this time. All the best :)


There used to be a Streak Hall of Fame, but it wasn’t automated and had to be updated weekly. The guy doing it got naturally got bored and it was scrapped.

I now keep doing it because, I dunno, I don’t want to lose it. :)


Kudos for your Trip Centuries and story.

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