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  5. "Livia has a plate and a cup."

"Livia has a plate and a cup."

Translation:Livia patellam et poculum habet.

November 6, 2019



f patellam patella patellae a saucer, small or shallow pan, dish • Diminutive of patina (“a broad shallow dish, pan”) or patera.

n pōculum pōcula drinking cup - From Proto-Italic *pōtlo- from Proto-Indo-European peh₃- (“drink”) • • pōculentus potable • Latin pōtiō (“a drinking”), potiōnis, from pōtāre (“to drink”). Doublet of poison.


The common verb teneo, tenere should also be introduced, or at least accepted, as a translation for "have."

It's especially appropriate to use tenere for objects that you "have" in the sense of "hold in hand," such as a plate and cup.


We could have a dative of possession here, too: Liviae sunt patella poculumque. (Livia has a plate and cup. literally, "To Livia, there are a ...")

A similar sentence is already accepted: Nobis sunt patellae, "We have plates", or something like that.


Sunt ??? not habet?


It's a structure called the dative of possession; it's common with the verb "to be" (hence the use of sunt ).

The thing(s) possessed--here, the plate and cup--are the subject of the verb "to be." The person who possesses them (Livia) is put into the dative.

It's by no means a rare or unusual construction.

"I have a brother." Mihi est frater. "My name is Marcus." Mihi nomen est Marcus.

(There's no "have," because instead of saying "I have a brother," we're saying "A brother is to me" / "For me, there is a brother.")


re patellam poculumque...no, there should not be a space between "poculum" and "que"


That's right; -que is an enclitic that attaches to the preceding word (as does the -ne? for asking a question); it's not a separate word on its own.


I wrote it absolutely right and it went red!!!!


Yes, patellam is feminine accusative singular and poculum is neuter accusative singular.

All neuter nouns are identical in the nominative and accusative.

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