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  5. I have my first Golden Owl!


I have my first Golden Owl!

It's for the Navajo course, which is probably the shortest ever, but still, I'm happy!

November 6, 2019




Be very afraid of that Navajo owl. In Navajo myths, owls are one of the creatures that helps witches and evil spirits do their dirty deeds. In many of the indigenous American tribes hearing the hoot of an owl is an omen that someone will die.

Hopefully, a Golden Owl is different...but caution is still strongly advised.


Living in Vietnam, I found a lot of people believe that the hoot of an owl, or even seeing one, is bad luck. A person I know very well told me her first husband told her about seeing an owl and that he would die soon. Not too long after that, they were on a motorbike and a car hit them head on. He died soon after and she was in the hospital for 3 months.


That's a sad story. I wish your friend good luck.


Not trying to be mean, but the motorbike was probably the better clue...


Point taken. They are quite dangerous. Just about everyone I know, including me, have been involved in motorbike collisions with other vehicles and people. One left me with a scar that looks like a map of Vietnam. But if I heard the hoot of an owl there, the next day I would stay home to mainly prevent any kind of self-fulfilling prophecy from happening.


Haha, I didn't know that.



This is almost the opposite of how Greeks view owls. They are seen as a positive sign of protection and victory, having been the favorite bird of Athena.


Ancient Greek legends, like the Goddess Athena, was portrayed with an owl on her shoulder. Owls seen as guardians of the night and wise in their pursuit. In India they are a symbol of foolishness and frivolity.

I bet that I could Identify what part of the world a stranger was from by asking one simple question: What does the owl represent to you?


They are also among the stupidest birds of all, especially compared to the raven or parrot families. At least that's what they told us in vet school.


Congratulations! Navajo is still a very hard language, short course or not.


Congratulations! The entire Navajo course only goes to a level 6?


No, it doesn't work like that. Golden Owl appears when you unlocked all the skills and got at least 1 crown in each of them. So, after getting the Golden Owl, there is still a room for improvement - to get more crowns and to get on the higher levels. But getting a Gold Owl is nevertheless a great achievement!


Thank you for clarifying that!


Yeah, most of my skills are at level 1 and I have some at level 2 or 3.






Congratz! Do you feel as though you've learned a lot?


Not really, haha. Navajo is very different from any language I'm familiar with. I feel like with most words, I'm still at that point where I recognize them as the translation of a specific English word, but I'm not able to write them out without making many mistakes.


Well done with your Navajo owl!


wow that's good.unfortunately I've never gotten one


Well, this is a short course, so it wasn't that difficult :)


Congrats! How is it that you don't have one for French though if you've gotten so far with it?


The French tree is long and I don't usually leave many skills at level 1, so I have many at level 2, 3, 4, and 5. I still have about 35 skills to unlock to finish the level 1 tree.


You get a Golden owl on a course when you finish level 1 on all the skills.


i gave lingot, everyone give some lingots!


Learn Navajo, Cherokee and Choctaw and you too could be a code talker for US military...


Haha, I heard about that. There was actually an episode on the X Files where I first learned of this.


I looked it up. "Éí 'Aaníígóó 'Áhoot'é"...the truth is out there.


Haha, yes, it had the changed tagline.


Does the course have audio by now?

I have two owls, Chinese and Spanish. The owl isn't the end, though, there is more to uncover. Though Chinese seems to level out at around 1000 words, unfortunately.


Congratulations! Navajo is quite difficult, so even though it's a "short" course, that's still an achievement of which to be proud.

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