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Cheaters and Hackers: What's the Point?

I've been on Duolingo for only about 10 days, and already I see so many hackers, and from what I've heard, it gets a lot worse in the higher leagues.

People getting hundreds of thousands of XP within a day, it's so obvious and it's just blatant cheating.

But the thing I don't understand is that, Duolingo is here for us to learn a language! The whole point of this "game" is to learn a language in a fun way, and XP farming isn't doing that. It's just unnessarially hacking a game that has, really, no rewards for getting that high.

Duolingo is doing a great job pinning down these cheaters, but there should be a report system, as it's just abusing the game when really there is no reason to.

*On a sidenote, I've loved the community so far, you guys are so nice and friendly, and I've really enjoyed learning with Duolingo (aswell as reading the forums :)

November 6, 2019, 6:09 AM


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