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  5. "Tabellarium non habemus."

"Tabellarium non habemus."

Translation:We do not have a letter carrier.

November 6, 2019



A letter carrier does work in English but courier should have been accepted. I've reported it.


Will Duolingo ever add a feature to learn the history of a word or the historical ways of speaking a given word, to aid understanding translations and usage?


It does not accept -We don't have couriers- Why?


Tabellarium is singular not plural so couriers would not match in number. 'A courier' should work, assuming it is now accepted.


Tabellarium non habemus... ...sed papam.

...I'll show myself out now...


We have no letter carrier. Was not accepted.


I agree that this variant should be accepted. "We have no ..." and "We do not have a ..." are equivalent in English, and it's standard in Duolingo courses to type the latter version because it's shorter. I can't see any reason specific to Latin to handle this differently in the present course. Nevertheless, "We have no courier" isn't accepted, either. So either we are missing a detail or there is some serious pointless pedantry going on here.


This does not say anything about a letter!! Epistula is a letter....

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