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I completed the French Tree!!!!!

After 1599 days I finally completed the French tree!!! I had finished it quite a long time ago, but then they added many additional levels. I am now going to focus on reviewing areas where I still need additional practice.

November 6, 2019



very well done! I am nearly in the same position but just about to re-complete just 6 to get from level 4 to 5. BUT can I ask how is your french after all that? Are you happy with the level of french you have? Are you doing other french work on different sites.


I speak well enough to carry on a conversation but because so much of the practice is written I do need more practice in speaking. I was looking for a French conversation group in my area but I have not found one nearby.


✦〰〰 Félicitations! 〰〰✦

- Quel merveilleux exploit!


Merci beaucoup!!!!!


Congratulations!!!! You deserve a un gateau!

If you search Youtube there are "Easy French" videos you can watch to tune your ear. They tend to be difficult to understand at first but each one has a theme and they ask different people the same question, so you do start to hear the words as it goes along.

Do you have netflix? If you put French Language in the search program you will find many french shows and movies you can watch. Don't be upset if you can't understand them at all at first because they often speak fast and use slang and mumble just like they do in English language movies and shows. But it will help your ear and your comprehension Just don't be too harsh on yourself. I watch first with the language subtitles, then with English subtitles trying to hear the words and then again with the language subtitles and finally with no subtitles. It really helps!!! I also like to practice conversations with my imaginary French (or whatever) speaking friends where I supply both sides of the conversation. I type it into google translate and then reverse translate to make sure I got it right. This has really helped me gain the confidence to speak the foreign language I am learning. Another thing I do is I record myself speaking and I listen back to hear and adjust my accent.

Just so you know, I did this in Italian and then we went to Italy and I was able to get by in Italian. I am not saying ANYBODY thought I was Italian or even thought that I spoke it well, (though they often told me I did, but they were lying LOL) BUT I dealt with all the day to day insanities that happen to us humans on adventure IN ITALIAN and it felt like victory to me!

I was able to understand anybody who wanted me to understand them and I was able to make myself understood to anybody that wanted to understand me. I tend to be very bold and go for it, so that helped. I also used face and hands to help communicate, but so what? It worked!!!


Thank you for your advice. I do have Netflix and I have watched many French movies. I often try to listen without looking at the subtitles and I can understand a good bit of what they are saying unless it is slang or they speak very quickly. I definitely need more opportunities to speak and I am hoping to make a trip to France soon!!


Congrats, I had the same update, I know that you had to work hard for completing the tree !


Thank you and congratulations to you too!!!


Congratulations! That is a great accomplishment! Soon maybe I'll be able to complete the French Tree.

Keep on learning! Don't give up!



Thanks for your encouragement. It took a long time but I was determined to finish it!!!


Félicitations !


Merci beaucoup!!!

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