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Any Tips On How To Learn Hindi?

I'm a valiant learner, but unfortunately, though, Hindi is one of the languages I can't crack just yet. I would appreciate if any of you guys could possibly drop down a few tips? Thank you! I will greatly appreciate it!

November 6, 2019



Same strategies as any other language. You're already on Duolingo, supplement that with hindi music, films and ultimately real life conversation. Translate sentences that are useful for travel:

I do not know where I put my phone. How do I get to the restaurant?



What are you having trouble with? The "tips and notes" pages for the first few lessons were really helpful for me.


You have to learn vocabulary and when you know enough words you should just watch videos.

Unfortunately one thing i noticed about hindi and other indian languages is that despite having a huge amount of speakers there is not a lot of good material out there.

The course on duolingo is too short and my usual trick of learning with video games does not work because they never support hindi but do support rare European stuff like sorbian and basque LOL.

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