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One-Year Duolingo Streak: What did I Gain?

It's been more than a year since I started learning languages with Duolingo. How did I use it and what did I gain? Is Duolingo really useful?

I used Duolingo for three purposes:

  • To practice what I know: I've already knew German at a moderate level. Therefore, and unfortunately, Duolingo had almost no significant new stuff for me to learn. But on the other hand, I was pretty useful to review and practice what I know. Specially the stories were indeed interesting.

  • To improve what I'm learning: I am currently learning French and Russian. For these two languages, I could not use Duolingo as an stand-alone learning source. Never the less, it was really helpful as an add-on and I manged to learn a lot of new words and some grammatical points from Duolingo.

  • To explore: I'm a language enthusiast and I love getting to know various languages and discovering interesting linguistic facts hidden beneath them. For this purpose, Doulingo was one of the absolutely best options!

Personally, I consider gamification as the key part of keeping on my streak; specially I find the leagues, which has been added a few months ago, a great idea and a fun reason to go on. There were of course some disappointing aspects and acts as well - for example the idea of spending lingots to test-out. But overall, I am not regretting the time that I have spent on Duolingo so far... ☺

November 6, 2019



Herzliche Glückwünsche!
Toutes nos félicitations!

Image: 367 day streak congratulatory balloons Duolingo
Thanks for the accompanying story.


That's cool!! Thank you!


Glad you're enjoying it here :)


you learn a lot of languages (:


I am glad it has been useful to you. It is good to recognise which aspects of duolingo are most useful and enjoyable for you as an individual.


Maybe you at der stage outgrowing duolingo and venture off into the wilderness and don't forget to put some flowers in you hair


You are well on your way to success.


Too bad I can't keep up a streek like that I mean 365 days!!! How could you manage?


Well of course I used streak freezes several times, but I have two tips for keeping up a streak:

  • Assign a certain time for Duolingo (for example right after lunch). This way, it will soon turn into a daily habit.

  • As you complete your daily lessons, check/mark something (a TODO-list, a section of a desktop calendar, etc) so that you will not forget to do the lessons.


This is beyond my usual "Kudos". Very informative and well thought out and organized. Beginners are often looking for "tips" on how to use Duolingo. I'm stashing your Discussion in my Following list to pass out to new folks who ask for tips.

BTW, I think you meant "streak" in first sentence of last paragraph.


I appreciate your attention. I'll edit it right away.

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