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  5. "bISuvrup'a'?"


Translation:Are you ready to fight?

November 6, 2019



I really think "Are you ready to rumble?" should be an accepted answer :-)


We just don't have the man power or the time to go through adding every possible unlikely but officially acceptable translations through the whole course. We try to make sure the most likely and most typical translations are there. Normally I'd say this translation is correct, but too far fetched. However, I agree that it has enough cultural currency that it is worth adding. So I have added it.


I'm sure that I speak for most learners when I say we are extremely grateful for all of your time and effort on this course. It's humbling to be on the receiving end of such kindness, so I hope you and the other contributors know how much it means to us.


Thank you! My enjoyment will be increased when this translation is marked correct :-)

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