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Arabic music artists

I am looking for some Arabic music to listen to as part of Arab culture immersion. Who are the mainstream pop stars the ones closest to the pops star of the west? Other genres? I would love Arabic media suggestions for news music thanks!

November 7, 2019



Here is a pretty current article about Arab pop....it contains a lot of names you could try out on youtube to see if you like any of them.


There are Arab channels on the radio apps as well, if you want some free random exposure to see what you like.

I personally love traditional oud music, but much of it is instrumental, so no language practice.

I have heard people say that listening to language in music is bad because the speech gets distorted, but that is exactly why I think listening to people sing in target languages is very good practice, even when you only understand a limited amount, or even very little, of what you hear. Language is constantly distorted by millions of speakers on a daily basis, so learning to understand speech involves more than just hearing someone “text speak” a foreign language in an absence of background noise. If you can learn to distinguish words that you know through the stylistic distortions, and with the interference of accompaniment, you are making real progress.

Sorry that I am over answering the question...it is for others too...hopefully it is of benefit to someone.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hNltnEU8tow enjoy this song it's in the arabic fos7a and has subtitle too and then you can check the channel for more songs in fos7a


Thanks Mahmoud. On my music playlist I have a song by fos7a that I really liked :) I wish I could remember the specific song. This is nice, thanks :)


there's the arabic lyrics for the song

“و لمَّا تَلاقينا على ســـــــفحِ رامَةٍ ** وجدتُ بـنان الـــــــعامريَّةِ أحــمرا

فقلتُ خضبتِ الكفَّ على فراقنا؟! ** قالت : معاذ الله , ذلك ما جرى

ولكنَّنِــــــي لـــــــما وجدتُكَ راحلاً ** بكيتُ دماً حتى بللــت به الـثرى

مسحت بأطراف البنانِ مدامعي ** فصار خضاباً في اليدين كــما ترى”


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k9kBLNsOX7U check this channel too he makes oud cover for famous songs

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