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  5. "E holoi a e kākau hou."

"E holoi a e kākau hou."

Translation:Erase (it) and write (it) again.

November 7, 2019



Is there a specific situation when "a" is adequate as the English "and" and when "a me" is nessicary?


There's a good explanation here


So, for those having trouble with the link, I'll offer a simplified summary:

  • When joining two complete sentences that could stand alone, use a. Here, for instance, e holoi "erase (it)" and e kākau hou "write (it) again" are each complete sentences on their own.
  • Use a me to join smaller elements of the sentence. For instance, in the sentence Makemake hou ʻo ia i ka ʻai a me ka iʻa? "Does she want more poi and fish?" the nouns ka ʻai and ka iʻa are connected via a me
  • By itself, me means "with"


Can someone leave a better link? This one didn't work. Mahalo!


Thanks DL Hawaiian this is helpful

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