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"His house is close to her house."

Translation:بَيْتهُ قَريب مِن بَيْتها.

November 7, 2019



بيتُهُ قريبٌ مِن بيتِهَا

"baituhu qariibun min baitihaa" (Formal) or "baituh qariib min baitihaa" (Informal)


So is it: baytihu or baytuhu. The audio is confusing and there is no vowel on the "t".

Same question for 'her house': baytiha or baytuha



The 1st "house" should be: "baituhu" because the phrase is the subject of the sentence (in the nominative case).

The 2nd "house" is correct, ie. "baitihaa" because of the مِن that turns it into the genitive case.

Please see my post above, I have written the complete ending diacritics, but note that it is based on Standard (and not Slang).

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