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"أَنا مِن وِلاية كاليفورْنْيا في أَمْريكا."

Translation:I am from the state of California in America.

November 7, 2019



I'm sorry, this is a basic Arabic course. Why is there an entire lesson about American states?


I feel like 'from the state California' is just as reasonable as 'state of'. People can say either in English.


they can but they don't. the state California is not something any native speaker would say


The Arabic seems to be "a state" rather than "the state". I don't see where the "the" is in the Arabic.


It is a quasi possessive. "The man's house" = "the house of the man" in English but just "house the man" in Arabic - the thing that is possessed never has "the". Similarly with cities and states: "The state of California" or "the city of Sana'a" in English but just "state California" or "city Sana'a" in Arabic.

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